This 15 Min Bodyweight HIIT AMRAP workout is the first in the Holiday HIIT 20 series. This workout requires no equipment and will have you sweating in no time!

This 15 Min Bodyweight HIIT AMRAP workout is the first in the Holiday HIIT 20 series. | Burpees for Breakfast

15 Minute Bodyweight HIIT AMRAP


Happy Monday! How are you? How was the weekend?!

Today, I’m sharing the first workout in the Holiday HIIT 20 series, a bodyweight HIIT AMRAP workout. In case you missed it, I’m doing a short holiday workout series each Monday in December. All will be travel friendly and holiday friendly. Get all the dets here.

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I’m sharing a new move in this workout and a take on one of my favorites, a burpee. This workout falls in the SCHEDULE IT tip for getting in a holiday workout. I know lots of people are super short on time this month. I’m normally all about shorter, higher intensity workouts and the same is true for this month. Toss in a quick warm-up, stretch to cool down and you’ll be done in ~20 minutes.

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HOLIDAY HIIT 20 TIP #1: Take a peek at your calendar. Schedule 20 – 25 minutes, at least 3 days this week, for a workout! Share your workouts on social and use hashtag #holidayhiit20!


If you are looking for a quick workout that works your muscles, gets your heart rate up AND has you sweating, this one is perfect. These moves are the best combination of cardio, strength and power. It’s AMRAP style, so you are working at your own pace. With only 5 reps each, you can make the most of each repetition without feeling like you want to quit after the first few.


  • YOU
  • Timer (interval or your phone)


Set timer for 15 minutes. Complete 5 reps of each move. Complete as many rounds as possible in 15 minutes. Rest when needed.


Check out the video for modifications!!

This 15 Min Bodyweight HIIT AMRAP workout is the first in the Holiday HIIT 20 series. | Burpees for Breakfast


  • LATERAL BURPEE w/TUCK JUMP: tanding upright, with shoulders back and down, come into a squat, bringing hands in front of you on the ground. Either step or jump both legs back into a plank position, immediately lowering down, touching chest to ground. Push back up, keeping core contracted, snap hips and jump or step feet back up towards hands, coming back into squat position. Drive through heels and jump up, into a tuck jump. For the tuck jump, engage core to bring knees up high.
  • PLANK THRUSTER to PUSH-UP to JUMP TUCK: Come into downward dog position, butt in the air, feet hip width apart. Bend the knees generously. Press through the feet and move into a hand plank position. Lower into a push-up. At the top of the push-up, press through feet again, engaging core, to jump up and forward (like a frog). Return to start and repeat.
  • SQUAT W/KNEE TOUCH: Stand upright, shoulders back and down, pelvis slightly tucked. Bring hands behind your head, elbows out. Perform a squat. As you stand, draw left knee up towards your chest and touch to right elbow in a twist. Repeat on the other side.

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Click here or the graphic to grab the download below to track your workout!

15 Min HIIT AMRAP | Burpees for Breakfast

How was your weekend!? Friday, I put the Hubs in charge of dinner – he picked BBQ take out! I made a wreath, watched Christmas movies and was just lazy. Saturday, I worked for a bit at my favorite coffee shop, met with a potential new client, filmed / photographed all the #holidayhiit20 workouts, did a little shopping, had dinner, blogged, did laundry, went to our town tree lighting and watched Eloise at Christmastime! One of my favorites! Sunday was church all morning, grocery shopping, food prep and Christmas movies to end the night! My brother, who turned 13 yesterday (!!!) was sick, so we didn’t do our Maggiano’s dinner, but we’ve got it rescheduled for next week!

Just two days of work this week until my BIRTHDAY and DAY OFF! Can’t even wait!

So, tell me:

Do you schedule your workouts?
What was your weekend like?