This full body superset bodyweight HIIT circuit is the newest in the Holiday HIIT 20 series. No equipment is needed for this workout, but don’t let that food you! You’ll be sweatingin no time!

full body superset bodyweight HIIT circuit | burpees for breakfast

Full Body Superset Bodyweight HIIT Circuit

Happy Monday! How are you? How was the weekend?!

It’s week 2 of the Holiday HIIT 20 Series! Did you check out last weeks workout? It was a doozy, but so fun! This week, I’ve got another that will leave you sweating!

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Last week we talked about scheduling a workout during the holiday season. Today, we are chatting bodyweight workouts. on SaturdayNow, I’m allllll about lifting heavy shit. I PR’d my sumo DL on Monday and worked my conventional. However, that does not mean I don’t love (love to hate…) a good bodyweight workout. I usually start my beginning clients doing bodyweight workouts and I tend to go back to bodyweight for at least a couple workouts a month. I think bodyweight workouts really help promote a mind-muscle connection. Plus, bodyweight moves still deliver a solid workout when you are without a gym and/or equipment.

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HOLIDAY HIIT 20 TIP #2: Don’t be sad about a lack of equipment or gym. Promote your mind-muscle connection and try a bodyweight workout!  Share your workouts on social and use hashtag #holidayhiit20!


The cool thing about this full body superset is that you could totally add weights when you have access to them. Because of the superset structure, this workout is going to deliver a ton, in just a short amount of time, especially thanks to the burner set at the end.


  • YOU
  • Timer (interval or your phone)


Set timer for :45 sec work | :45 sec work | :15 sec rest | 8 rounds. You will complete exercise #1 and #2 back to back for :45 sec, without any rest. After #2, rest for :15 sec. Move through circuit twice. For the third set, set timer for :30 sec work | :30 sec work | 11 rounds. You will complete all moves back to back, with no rest, for :30 sec each. After the last move, you are done!


Check out the video for modifications!!

full body superset bodyweight HIIT circuit | burpees for breakfast


  • KNEE KNEE KICK JAB: Standing upright, bring right knee up twice, as arms ‘chop’ down, followed by a side kick with the right leg. Place leg on ground and pivot on the left foot, bringing left arm across body with a punch.
  • BICYCLES: Lay on back, with pelvis slightly tucked and lower back pressed to the group. Bring hands behind head and elbows out. Knees should be bent at 90 degrees and quads stacked over hips. Keep the 90 degree angle at the hip. Bring left elbow to right knee, as the left leg lowers to the ground. Then, bring right elbow to left knee as the right leg lowers to the ground.
  • TRIANGLE PLANK HOPS: Assume plank position, hop right, hop left, then hop back center to plank position. Repeat both ways.
  • PRISONER SQUAT: Stand upright with shoulders back and down, pelvis tucked, in the middle of your mat. Place hands behind your head. Lunge back with the left leg, until the knee touches the ground (right knee should be at about a 90 degree angle). Move right leg back until knee touches the ground. Move left leg back up (at 90 degrees), then right leg. Drive through heels and keep glutes tight.
  • LUNGE TOUCHDOWN w/KICK: Stand upright with shoulders back and down, pelvis tucked. Place right foot behind you in a reverse lunge. Tap the ground with your right hand. As you rise up from the lunge, place right foot on the ground, while lifting up your left leg, leaning back slightly and kicking out left leg. Repeat.
  • CRAB KICKS: Sit on butt, hands behind the body, fingers facing butt, knees bent. Press through right palm and left foot as you come up to touch the left hand to right foot. Pelvis should be lifted and body should twist. Return to start and repeat on other side.
  • PUSH-UPS w/TOE TAPS: Assume hand plank position (wrists under shoulders, fingers spread wide – gripping mat, heels shooting to the back of the room, core tight, pelvis slightly tucked). Perform a push-up. At the top of the push-up, tap right toe with left hand. Then left toe with right hand. Repeat.
  • CURTSY LUNGE:  Stand upright with feet shoulder width apart, pelvis slightly tucked. Bend left knee as right leg lunges behind the left leg, like doing a curtsy. Drive through heel to stand, squeezing glute at the top.

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How was your weekend?!! Friday…I know we had cereal for dinner and watched a movie? I can’t remember! Saturday, I spent some time in the gym, ate breakfast, then spent a good portion of the afternoon with my siblings, shopping. We had a blast. I saw the Hubby for about 30 minutes while we ate dinner, before he left for a party. I spent the evening redecorating our office and the Hubby’s computer room. I’m giving him a bar cart and a bit of a makeover for Christmas, so I took advantage of him being away to try out a few things! Finished the night with present wrapping and a Christmas movie! Sunday morning, I woke up at 5am and couldn’t go back to sleep. So I did all kinds of random things, made some returns and started painting the office. The Hubby helped mid-morning and we got over half done! Then, I laid down and did pretty much nothing while watching Home Alone 2, online Christmas present shopping and typing this post!

I have a full week at work this week. Then I get a few days off next week and the week after! Can’t wait!


Do you like superset workouts?
What did you do this weekend?!?