This Mini Resistance Band Circuit is short, sweet and burns so good! It’s the third workout in the Holiday HIIT 20 series! Grab a timer, a resistance band (or two) and get ready to sweat!

Mini Resistance Band Circuit | Burpees for Breakfast

Mini Resistance Band 16 Minute Circuit

Hiiiiii! Happy Monday (and Christmas Week!)

It’s week 3 of the Holiday HIIT 20 Series! I’ve shared a 15 Minute Bodyweight HIIT AMRAP and a Full Body Superset HIIT Workout already! Both are perfect for a quick workout. Today’s mini resistance band circuit is only 16 minutes long, but it will have your muscles burning, especially that booty!

I did this workout on Saturday afternoon. I spent the morning doing a little Christmas shopping and by the time I got home and was ready for a workout, the gym was closed! So I got out my bands, did this workout and some pull up practice!

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We’ve talked scheduling and bodyweight workouts, when it comes to tips for working out during the holiday season. Today, we are chatting travel workouts! While we are only going a couple hours away on Christmas Eve, I know alot of people are traveling over the next couple weeks. My favorite pieces of equipment to bring on a trip include a jump rope and mini resistance bands. I’ve been using these bands ALL the time lately. They are super small, so they take up hardly any space in a bag or suitcase. Perfect piece of equipment!

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HOLIDAY HIIT 20 TIP #3: If you are traveling and want to workout, pack a couple mini resistance bands in your bag! Share your workouts on social and use hashtag #holidayhiit20!


Mini resistance bands. While this workout can be done without them, the mini resistance bands add extra resistance and an extra burn. This workout is only 16 minutes, but if you wanted more and had extra time, tack on another 1 – 2 sets!


  • YOU
  • Timer (interval or your phone)
  • Mini Resistance Bands


Set timer for :50 sec work | :10 sec rest | 16 rounds. Move through the circuit twice.


If you don’t have a mini resistance band, all moves can be done with bodyweight. I’d recommend 1-2 different resistances!

Mini Resistance Band Circuit | Burpees for Breakfast


  • BANDED HIGH KNEES: Place band around your feet. Engaging core, bring right knee up, then left. Find rhythm and begin to hop, keeping core engaged, leaning back slightly.
  • BANDED SKATERS: Coming into an athletic stance, ball at chest, jump from right to left, ‘rainbowing’ the ball back and forth as you move, landing in heel. Squeeze glutes and inner thighs. Once you get a rhythm down, try to pick up the pace.
  • BANDED BEAR CRAWL: Assume tabletop position (wrists under shoulders, fingers spread wide – gripping mat, knees under hips). Curl toes under and lift knees slightly. Keeping back FLAT and BUTT DOWN, move forward, moving left arm and right leg. Go forward a few steps and back.
  • HIP BRIDGE: Lay on back, knees bent, both feet, arms down at your side. Press through heels and squeeze glutes and hamstrings as you bring your hips off the ground (maintain a diagonal line, rather than hyperextend back). Hold 1 – 2 seconds and return to start.
  • SQUAT PULSE W/KICK & LATERAL STEPS: With band around knees, stand upright, shoulders back and down, pelvis slightly tucked. Bring feet hip width apart, lower into a squat, pulsing twice, while sitting butt back. Drive through heels to stand and kick leg out once. Complete 2 sets, then take 2 lateral steps, then repeat 2 sets of the squat pulse and kick.
  • DUCK WALK: Place band just above your ankles and lower into an athletic stance. Staying low, take slow steps forward, keeping back flat and butt back.
  • LUNGE W/TWIST & PULL APART: Place band just above wrists. Stretch arms out in front of you, keeping shoulders back and down. As you perform a reverse lunge, twist to the same side of the leg that is in front, while squeezing arms apart. Return to stand and repeat.
  • STANDING GLUTE KICKBACKS: With band just above ankles, place all weight on left foot, engaging glute, keeping shoulders back and down. Engaging right glute, lift leg slighty and press back. Repeat on each side.

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I have the day off today!!! How was your weekend!? Friday, I did a little Christmas shopping after work and present wrapping after that. Saturday morning was the same thing. The weather has been SO SO Nasty and I nearly fell a couple times taking Oscar out for a walk (inset laughing crying emjoi). Luckily, I got things returned and purchased and have almost all presents purchased and wrapped!! I’m redecorating the Hubby’s man cave for Christmas and still trying to figure out how to give him the present. My plan was to set everything up on Christmas Eve morning and show him when we get back home later that night to open gifts for each other. But that means he won’t have as many gifts to open. Gah. I don’t know!

Sunday, I left for chruch at 7:15 and didn’t get home until nearly 12! I did check in both services, stopped at the grocery, returned a Christmas present and got 2 new ones, plus, I got a few cleaning items for home. It was busy! I baked gingerbread cookies, sugar cookies, peppermint mocha bread, made frosting and lots of cocktails. Also, walked Oscar, did some blog work, got my mom’s website up and watched Happy Endings. I’m into the 3rd season and I finally kind of like the show. Anyone else?! Ended the night with my Boo, watching a movie!

It was a busy, but fun weekend. I’m planning on making cookies today and spending lots of time prepping for my classes in Janauary and new online program!


What is your favorite piece of travel equipment?
Do you like mini resistance bands?
What did you do this weekend?!?