Today we are chatting intentions & priorities for 2017 to the blog, the business and more. Find out what I’m looking forward to this coming  year and what you can expect on the blog!

Today we are chatting intentions & priorities for 2017 to the blog, the business and more. | Burpees for Breakfast

Intentions & Priorities for 2017

Oh hey!

Good Morning! Happy Last Friday in 2017! I have the day off and I couldn’t be more pumped. I’m putting the final touches on the first 2 weeks of my beta program (more details below), which includes a little workout filming. I haven’t done filming since February/March of last year, since that’s when I ran my last program! Should be fun.

Today, we are chatting intentions and priorities for 2017. I was going to title this ‘Goals for 2017’. Not only is that a boring title, but, I know that I’ve had trouble meeting year long goals. I decided to switch things up and prioritize a few things. Then break it down each month, by setting a small goal. You’ll see, just grab a cup of coffee and settle in.

Burpees for Breakfast, the Business

Well, this year was certainly an interesting one for the business. I started 2016 ready to crush it. I’d joined Team Inspire and I was looking at joining a local studio to build my client base. An interview with a studio sent me into my quarter life crisis, making me question my entire business, goals and passions. I ended up realizing that I truly wanted a degree in nutrition and didn’t think fitness was for me any more. I trained clients in the wee hours of the morning, continued the business and blogging, until the end of April, when I took a break for a full-time gig. Actually, I took a step back from part of it, while working the full-time job, before I realized that I couldn’t do it all. I took a break from the business completely, including blogging and even my workouts. The break provided some much needed clarity and just a few months ago, I decided to dive back in, slowly.

It was a bit crazy, but I honestly believe it all needed to happen to get me to where I am right now. I still want to become an RD…or clinical nutritionist – I still haven’t decided yet. But, I don’t think it’s the right time yet. I also rediscovered my love of fitness and decided to do programs, my way.

That said, I’m diving in by launching an fitness beta program in January. It’s all online. I’ve only shared a few posts on Instagram and to my newsletter subscribers. It’s a 6 week strength training program that combines daily mindset/journaling prompts AND strength based workouts to help ladies achieve their goals. The idea is that our mindset affects everything, including our fitness and nutrition. If we can understand ourselves better, it can really help us reach our goals.

As of this morning (friday), I only have 3 spots open. If you are interested, leave a comment that says ‘I’m interested!‘ and I’ll send you more details!

Mindset 2 Movement: The Class

So, the same day I’m launching the beta program…I’m teaching my first free class at a new studio, Studio Fit’nez. Not sure how I managed to overlook that! Even so, it should be great. I connected with this studio owner in January of last year and a few months ago, she reached out to see if I’d be interested in a collaboration. Now, we are just 10 days away from our first free preview class!

I’m teaching two free previews, one on the 8th and one on the 15th. Then we launch the full 12 week program on the 22nd. This class includes goal setting, mindset work, mobility work and a 20-25 minute HIIT workout. I’m adding in all the things I felt were missing in other classes I’ve taken and taught. This is the kind of class I’ve been wanting to teach for years, but never felt like I had the space. Now I do!

I’m also teaching a class at my home gym on Wednesdays! Different format, but still some of the same principles! That starts on Wednesday. Gah! How is it already nearly January!

Business Priorities for 2017

  • Run a solid Beta Program
  • Launch the full program in April
  • Continue to define niche and build client base
  • Grow Mindset 2 Movement class

Those goals aren’t crazy, but any means. I’m honestly still trying to figure things out and decide how much I can actually commit too. AND trying to figure out what I can realistically take on to grow my business, while still working full-time, teaching, blogging and taking enough time to spend with my Hubs and fur child.

Burpees for Breakfast, the Blog

Oh, this blog. It took purchasing a new domain and transferring posts to a new site for me to realize how much I love this space…and name. My quarter life crisis included an identity crisis as well. I’ll share more about that in another post, but it’s safe to say, the blog is sticking around. I had high hopes of significant growth this year, but as you read above, things didn’t pan out as expected. While I don’t know what 2017 will bring, I do know that I’d like to grow my reach – work with more brands and connect with more readers.

The main change to the blog will be the posting schedule to start 2017. Rather than 3 posts each week, like I did most weeks in 2016, I’m starting with 2 posts each week. Monday’s and Friday’s. Monday will be reserved for all things fitness and Friday will be reserved for nutrition/wellness/girlboss talk. I’ve been getting requests for more posts related to strength training, which I am ALL for writing.

I’d love to hear exactly what you want to read in 2017. You can take the Reader Survey here. Or here:
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Burpees for Breakfast, the Blogger

Here’s the thing, even as I type this, I’m thinking about how I don’t want to commit to too much because I don’t want to get burnt out. Guys, that was the toughest part of 2016. All the stress in the first few months of the year lead to adrenal fatigue. Then I tried to be superwoman again for a hot minute and it lead me to cutting out workouts and blogging and the business.

I’ve done quite a bit of journaling and thinking through both of those time periods. I wouldn’t trade them because I learned so much about myself. I know I have good stress management techniques in place, that I’m getting really good about listening to my body and taking down time, and I am pretty sure I could tell when/if I were to ever get in a super stressful place again. However, I still get nervous about it, which is just interesting because it’s the first time in my life I’ve ever really been nervous about potential burn out before. Previously, it was almost like I expected it at some point.

All that to say, I’m trying to just say F-IT to those fears, set clear expectations and priorities, while still moving toward the direction of my goals.


I felt okay about my nutrition choices in 2016. However, the past month or so, my digestion has been off. Not to share too much info, but if my bowels are off, then something is going on. I haven’t figured it out yet, but my potential triggers are coffee (NOOOOOOO), a bit of extra sugar from Christmas cookies and maybe my creatine/EAA’s. It started the week after Thanksgiving. And I can’t seem to find a correlation…although I haven’t been keeping a food journal.

I’m planning on doing one of the meal plans from the new Practical Paleo (I freaking love it!), with the Hubs, in January and hopefully figure out what’s up! I’m also planning on focusing on gut health in 2017.  Yeah, it’s always something I want to focus on, but this year, I was reminded how much my gut is affected, if my stress levels are too high. Plus, I had some sensitive reactions to certain foods that I didn’t like. My gut is definitely not as strong as it once was.

What I’ve noticed is that if I’m consistently working out, I don’t often feel the need or desire to indulge in not so healthy things. Now, I’m all about #nocheats, making smart choices and eating in moderation, but sometimes I just like only eating real food. And gut health is a top priority, which means I’ll cut out my kettle cooked potato chips and occasional doughnut, if need be.

Ordering a fresh supply of supplements, including magnesium, probiotics and collagen tomorrow!


So, I looked at my fitness goals for 2016 in October and decided I might as well try to work towards them until the end of the year. That’s what I’ve been doing at the gym. I’m almost to 225# on my sumo deadlift and almost to 200# on my conventional, but an SI Joint tweak had me out for a few days and it’s still not 100%. I’m planning on continuing to work at it until I get there, as long as I can do it safely and without pain. I got 30+ unbroken double unders, but I don’t think I finished Hammer & Chisel, I didn’t meet my squat or bench goal and no, I still haven’t gotten my 5 unassisted pull-ups. Here’s the thing: making fitness goals does not always work for me and I’m okay with that.

In 2017, consistent workouts that build strength and stability is my priority for 2017. I fell in love with lifting again and I’m pretty sure I’ll stick with that for a while. But, I still enjoy bodyweight and kettlebell workouts. I miss yoga. Plus, I’ll be teaching 2 days a week. I just want to workout and enjoy it.

My plan is at least 4 days, but it will very likely be 5 day, in the gym, focusing mostly only lifting weights. I want that sumo & conventional goal for sure. I’m thinking that setting monthly goals is the way to go for me. Then I won’t feel so tied in to doing 1 thing. Basically, I just want to get stronger and more awesome.


The Hubby and I have goals to pay off all the things in 2017. We are even working on a vision board this weekend (partly his idea – who woulda thought!). We want to start chiseling away at debt and do some traveling. In 2017, I want to just spend more quality time with him and Oscar Sauce, plus, make time for dinners with our parents as much as possible.

We are also planning to start reading each night. Usually, we will watch movies or a tv show together in the evening before bed, which usually leads me to following asleep by 9:30. Instead, I suggested we stop watching and start reading.

Because, my big goal for 2017 is to read a book a month. I made this goal last year and didn’t even get close to meeting it. Like, I maybe read 3 book, if that. But, there are so many books I want to read and so much I want to learn. I’m hoping I can do more than 1 per month, but I don’t wanna get too carried away

Phrase of the Year

Rather than a word of the year, I’m going with a phrase, of sorts.

Learn –> Action

Simply put, I want to learn all the things and then put what I learned into action. This applies to business, personal, my relationship with Jesus, marriage, fitness and nutrition. I want to start doing shit in 2017.

Tell me, what are your New Year’s plans?! Other than doing some work on my classes, beta program and blog over the weekend, I’m planning on cleaning! I love having the tree up. Sitting on the couch, with a tree on, a candle lit, record player on, doing work is one of my favorites. But, let’s get real, I want a clean house. I’d love to have it up longer, but it’s a real tree. AND, the past month has been about taking it slow, being a little lazier, enjoying time with family and just savoring the season. January, for me, is about new beginnings and fresh starts. I’m ready to get shit done and the tree just makes me want to stay lazy. So, cleaning! And no big plans for New Year’s because we are boring and old and I can barely stay away past 10pm. But we are going to party together, at home, sipping on champagne.

Don’t forget the survey!

See you in 2017!

Throwback to summer when we first got this kid – because it’s the only family photo we have right now! What?!


What are your intentions and priorities for 2017?
What are your weekend plans?
Word for the year?