Twenty seventeen is finally here! I’m sharing some of my best tips for staring off your January on the right foot. 

8 Things to Have an Incredible January | Burpees for Breakfast

Do These 8 Things to Have an Incredible January

Hiii! How are you?! How was your New Year’s weekend? Are you pumped and ready for 2017? We were SUPER boring and stayed in on NYE. I was doing pretty well with staying awake. The Hubs ran down the street to go see a few friends. He got back around 11 and we started a movie…30 minute later, he woke me up. Then again, 10 minutes after that, and finally, at midnight. Am I 29 or 79? Really? Sunday, I slept in a bit, but woke up READY to go. Just excited. Which is how I’m feeling about this post. I’m excited to share these tips on how to have an incredible first month of the year.

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I’ve shared posts on some of these topics before, but I’m planning on elaborating on a few this month. Expect a post from me detailing how to start working out, if you haven’t worked out before OR if you took a break, a post on tips for starting to eat healthy and a post on how to establish a morning routine! So, let’s get started:

Create small goals

Like Billy Murray in the movie What About Bob?, Baby Steps. Here’s the thing, it’s the new year. You have goals, dreams, ideas of what you want to do in 2017. You want to start doing all the things, right away. I understand. I wanted to do alllll the things yesterday. But guess what, you can’t do all the things, all the time or right away. And that’s okay. It leads to overwhelm and burn out, then we don’t meet our goals.

Start small. Take baby steps. Set short term goals – it’s the key to success. Which means…don’t feel like you need to start doing all these tips, tomorrow. Pick one or two things and go from there. If you decide you want to start a morning routine, rather than pick 5 – 10 things to do, pick 1 – 2. Maybe it’s start drinking warm lemon water & go on a walk. Start with the lemon water for a week, then add in the walk with the lemon water. Once you have those 2 things down, add something else. Set yourself up for success by starting small.

Start a morning routine

Start your day out strong with a morning routine. I’ve switched up my morning routine a few times over the past few months. I used to workout, take Oscar on a walk and catch up on blogs. Then I started working out in the afternoon, which meant I wanted to get to work early, to leave early so I could workout.

Your morning routine has to work for you. What gets you up and ready to go each morning? What things do you need to do in order to set yourself up for a solid day? I’ll be sharing some tips on how to figure out a morning routine this month!

Establish an evening routine

Ending your day is just as important as starting it. It was honestly a bit easier for me to establish an evening routine, when I started my big kid job, than it was for me to start a morning routine. My evening routine sets me up for success in the morning. Check out my top 3 tips for better sleep.

Incorporate a workout program

Anyone else starting a new workout program this month? Not only is it time for me to switch up my workout program, but I’m teaching 2 new classes and launching a new beta program. So many people are either switching up their routine, getting back into a workout program or just start working out for the first time. There are so many benefits of working out and it can make you feel so amazing. This month, I’ll be sharing some tips for those getting back into a routine or starting one for the first time.

>> If you are interested in being a beta tester for my new online, 6 week training program, I’ve decided to open up a few more spots. If you are interested in learning more, leave a comment or shoot me an email at burpees4bfast [at] I’ll send you the info. Program starts on January 8!

Diet the Ditch, Nourish Your Body

Yes, we all ate sugar and not so healthy things over the holiday’s. Starting to cut calories and diet this month is not going to change that. How about instead of dieting, we start eating real food? Eat nutrient dense, real food. And make smart choices. Not sure where to start? Don’t worry, this month I’ll be sharing tips for starting to down the healthy eating path and how to fuel with real food.

Take up journaling

If there is one thing I learned in 2016 it was the importance of knowing yourself. One way I learned more about myself was through journaling. I recently wrote about it and shared some tips on how to get started. Grab a fun new notebook from Target and get started!

Practice self-care

Stress management and self-care are non-negotiables for me. If you don’t take care of yourself, you can’t effectively take care of anything or anyone else. Don’t be afraid to make yourself a priority in 2017. Check out 3 of my favorite self-care tips and stress management techniques.

Try something new

I have a few fun things on my list: learn how to use my Cannon Rebel (if you have tips or tutorials, HELP ME!), read at least a book a month, stop watching TV shows in the evening and read instead (first night was last night), come up with 1 new recipe a month. These are all things I’ve wanted to do for the past few months, but never did. I tried to put a fun little spin on each one, so there is incentive for me to actually do everything. I’ll keep you posted on my progress.

Find something fun that you’ve been wanting to do and do it this month!

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So, we briefly chatted New Year’s weekend. Did you do anything else fun and exciting? I spent some time in the kitchen doing a little food prep on Sunday: roasted sweet potatoes, zoodles, hard boiled eggs, bone broth, kimchi, cauliflower rice, sardine/mackerel salad and lemon ice cubes. It was a packed day yesterday, but I still enjoyed it.

Headed back to the office today, for a full work week. Also, headed back to the gym after 2 days off. My SI joint is still not happy with deadlifts, so I’m planning on taking a break from full on leg days this week. I teach my first class on Wednesday and my second on Sunday. I’m hoping upper body focused workouts and a trip to the chiropractor will leave me in good shape to start teaching!

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So, tell me:

What are you tips to have an incredible January?
What are you most looking forward to in 2017?