Was Eating Healthier on your list of goals for 2017? Not exactly sure where to start? Or did you start and stop? Try out these 6 Tips for Eating Healthier to START and STICK WITH healthy eating. 

6 Simple Tips for Eating Healthier This Year | Burpees for Breakfast

6 Simple Tips for Eating Healthier This Year


Happy Monday! Are you psyched for another week?!

Today, we are chatting Tips for Eating Healthier This Year. In the first post of 2017, I shared 8 Things to do for an Incredible January. Ditching the Diet and Nourishing Your Body, aka Eating Healthier was one of those tips. Now, saying you are going to eat healthier is a whole lot easier said than done sometimes, right? Let’s break it down in to 6 simple tips for eating healthier.

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Eat More Veggies

This is one of my favorites, which is why it’s at the top of the list. Eat more veggies. Super simple and super effective. Vegetables are jam packed with vitamins, minerals, fiber and other nutrients our body NEEDS.

How-to: Fill half your plate (or bowl) with veggies. Try a different color veggie each meal. Maybe spinach for breakfast, sweet potato for lunch and broccoli for dinner. Need other ideas? Check out my 3 tips for incorporating veggies into every meal.

Eat Healthy Fats

Don’t fear the fats, friends! Dietary fats provide energy (fun fact: dietary fat is the most energy dense macro!), provide 2 essential fatty acids that the body cannot make – linoleic acid (an omega-6) & linolenic acid (an omega-3), form our cell membranes, brain and nervous system, manufacture and form our hormones and help transport fat soluble vitamins. DO NOT FEAR FAT! Your body needs healthy fats.

How-to: Add coconut oil and/or butter to coffee, cook with quality oils, eat half an avocado, make tuna salad, try a dish with anchovies, use full fat coconut milk.

Cut the Processed Foods

The health food section at the grocery stores are awesome compared to what they were in years past. There is a great variety of allergy friendly and diet specific foods. It’s great. But, just because boxed foods are in the ‘healthy food’ section does not mean that they are always the best choice. Alot of these foods are still highly processed. The more processed a food is, the less nutrient dense it becomes.

How-to: Limit your processed pantry staples and make healthier alternatives. Try vegetable noodles out instead of regular pasta (and get in your veggies). Make a protein bar or ball, instead of buying a packaged option at the store.

Eat Real Food

You knew this one was coming up next, right? Just eat real food! Real, whole, nutrient dense food. That means veggies, meat, fats, complex carbs. That also means cutting out processed foods – see  how some of these go hand in hand. If you eat real food, you’ll cut out the processed foods. And if you eat veggies, you’re checking another thing off the list. It’s a win-win.

How-to: Shop the perimeter at the grocery store. Start in the produce section, move to meats and continue around. Notice where those boxed, processed foods are kept – in the middle of the store, likely. Avoid those sections as much as possible.

Watch Ingredient Labels

However, it’s not like you’ll totally avoid the inside isles. And you might find some ‘processed’ foods around the perimeter. That’s why reading the labels is so important! So important!

How-to: Read labels. Pick the items with the shortest ingredient list. Make sure you know all the ingredients. When in doubt, Google it.

Food Prep

Food Prep saves lives. True statement. If you are prepared, it’s going to be ALOT easier to make smart, healthy choices. Food prep can be super simple or super complicated. You gotta find what works for you, but once you do, you’ll become a food prep ninja, saving lives all over the place.

How-to: Find a few recipes on Pinterest that you want to make. Write out the ingredients. Pick a day to grocery shop. Pick a day where you can dedicate 1 – 3 hours to prepping meals for the week. Prep. Save time (and lives) throughout the week!


Pick one thing

I just gave you 6 solid tips. Most of the tips are fairly simple. However, when you group them together and toss in LIFE, it can become overwhelming. My Beta Fitness Group started last week. On the second or third day, I had one of the gals say she was super overwhelmed with starting to eat healthy, along with working out. Understandable, right? My advise to her was to just start simple and pick 1 thing. Which is also my advise to you.

Want to start eating more veggies but can’t handle planning for all 3 meals? Pick 1 meal for the week that you will focus on. Maybe it’s breakfast. For every breakfast, add a vegetable. Say spinach. Maybe you have spinach with breakfast (in a smoothie, in eggs, in leftovers) every day for a week. The following week, you could switch up the veggie OR add in a veggie at lunch.

Ready to start food prep, but can’t wrap your head around 7 days of meals? Pick 1 meal for the week. Take lunch. Plan out and prep meals for all lunches, for the week. Once you feel confident with lunch, tackle breakfast, or snacks.

Trying to do all the things, all at once is not always the best option. You have an entire year to start this healthy living journey. Keep in mind too, that it’s a journey. You don’t have to master healthy eating in 1 week. I’ve been on the journey for a few years and I’m still working on it. Don’t be discouraged if it takes times. Better to start small than not start at all, right?

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How was your weekend?! Hope it was great! Saturday I woke up and went to the gym. I did a 5×5 @135# conventional deadlift with no big SI pain. There was a bit of dull ache, but nothing bad, which I’m happy about it! I spent the day working on Beta program stuff, blog stuff, learning the DSLR and more. Sunday, I spent a good portion of the day filming videos for my Beta group and teaching a class! I took a break for grocery shopping and dinner, before working the night away. It’s actually Sunday night and I’m curled up with Oscar on the couch, about to go hang with my Hubby.

Today I’ve got the day off. I left at 5am to meet a friend in Dayton for coffee before spending the day with the Bestie. We are getting our nails did and more. Check Insta Stories for all the shenanigans.


What are your tips for eating healthy this year?
What tip would you try first?
How was your weekend?