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Choosing Self-Care {& a Weekend Recap}

Happy Monday!! Are y’all ready for another week?!

So, I’d planned a post on morning routines (look out for that one next week), but it was 3pm on Sunday, when in the shower, I realized that I hadn’t even started the post. I had a revelation that I decided to share. You get that and a full, probably slightly boring, weekend update.

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I took the day off Friday. I went to visit my bestie last Monday and with all my Beta program & class stuff, I just wanted a day to catch up. I did a little blog stuff in the morning, after sleeping in until…8am. The Hubs and I got coffee. I planned a short shopping trip – just wanted to look for a few things, then come home and do nothing. I’d convinced the Hubs to go with me on this trip, even though he totally wasn’t feeling it. When we were about to leave, we got a call from the In Laws – my FIL had hip surgery on Tuesday and they needed help loading the car at the hospital. So, we got Oscar’s meds that I was supposed to pick up in December (a little late!?) and stopped at TJ Maxx, where I randomly found 3 super cute dresses, and then headed to the hospital. Helping out the In Laws took a couple hours, with drive time.

It was later afternoon when we got home and because I’m in a cooking funk, I ran to the grocery to get stuff for PBJ and mac & cheese for the Boo. I ended up eating sweet potato fries + zoodles w/swiss chard instead, which was super good. After dinner, I started editing videos and transferring old videos off my laptop for more storage space. The Hubs and I met up around 8:30-ish to watch Beverly Hills Cop and like I’ve been doing lately, I fell asleep about an hour and a half later.

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Got up around 7:30a, made it to the gym around 8:15a. Filmed 3 short clips for 3 exercises, then worked out. I got 155# on my sumo for a 5×5. No SI joint pain, which I’m SO PUMPED about. I’ve had 3 appointments with my new chiropractor that does Active Release Therapy. Y’all – GAME. CHANGER. If you haven’t tried it before, do it. Makes a world of difference.

Anyway, after the gym, I booked it home, showered and had an in-person 1×1 with one of my Beta testers. After brunch and a trip to the coffee shop, I settled in to finish editing videos and put the rest of the Beta program together. The good news is that my video library is at a good place right now and I won’t need to do any more filming! Woo! Such a good feeling. The Hubs and I went to sushi for dinner, for date night. We tried someplace new and were not impressed. We are such sushi snobs and only have 2 places, really 1 place, that we go to regularly. Still, it was good to go out for a meal, on a date. When we got home, I finished laundry, vacuumed and tidied the house before doing a smidgen more work. Just as I was starting to catch up on my Bloglovin’ feed, the Hubs came in to watch Beverly Hills Cop 2. And wouldn’t you know it, I only made it through half the movie before falling asleep.


Woke up at 6a, out of bed at 6:30a and out the door by 7:10a to help set up for church. We got done in record time and were able to sit an chat for a good 45 minutes. After service, I ran to Earthfare to grab a few groceries, handed them off to the Hubs to take home, returned a shirt to LOFT, ate a carton of blueberry goat milk yogurt and drove to the Studio to teach. We had 9 people in class, which was awesome! It was the official kickoff and such a great class.

After class, I ran by Target to get some toiletry items, including brow liner. Yes, I’m going to try filling my brows. When I got home, I ate the last of the pineapple guac with chips and carrots. Took photos for some upcoming blog workouts and walked Oscar. After I got out of the shower…where I realized I spaced writing my intended post, a friend asked if I wanted to go on a walk. Not only is this a new friend, but also a client. I decided a walk was a good idea, which it was. When I got home, I attempted a few things on my todo list, while waiting for the rice for our sushi bowls to be done. The Hubs made the bowls and we ate while watching The Magicians. After, I got my stuff ready for work today – clothes and breakfast/lunch, ate a banana with peanut butter, listened/watched Mindy Project while type this post, THEN sipped tea while watching Joy.

Y’all, I wanted to sip tea and watch Joy all weekend.

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What I realized in the shower was this: self-care is a choice. Life is freaking crazy and busy and there will always be things to do. You have to make the choice to choose yourself. And you know what, you DESERVE time for yourself.

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The other thing is, you NEED time for yourself in order to be your best self for other people. I spent alot of time with people this weekend and it was great. This introverted girl needs it. But I also need Jen time to rest and recharge, so I can continue to give my best self to other people.

If your glass is only half full, what happens when you keep adding more stuff and more stuff? The cup overflows and the shit hits the fan, right? Alternatively, if your glass is half full and you keep losing water (or coffee, let’s be real), eventually your cup will be empty.

This week, your challenge is to choose self-care. It doesn’t have to be some crazy, big thing. I can be as simple as enjoying a cup of coffee with no distractions.


What are you going to do for your self-care time this week?
What did you do this weekend?!