Looking for quick, easy and nutrient dense recipes that don’t take long to prepare? I’m share 5 of my current favorites that you’re sure to love too! 

5 Easy & Nutrient Dense Recipes I'm Currently Obsessed With | Burpees for Breakfast

5 Easy & Nutrient Dense Recipes I’m Currently Obsessed With

Haaaiiii! Happy Monday!

Anyone else on the lookout for healthy, easy, nutrient dense meals that are quick AND tasty?! I used to be so good with food prep, usually thinking up a few fun new recipes each week. The nutrition coach and blogger in me felt like I always need to be creating recipes. The thing is, I got super burnt out on it. When I don’t do food prep, a few things happen:

  • I throw random meals together and while that usually works, when I don’t have at least something prepped, the meals are usually not as healthy.
  • We tend to eat more processed foods than my body likes
  • My husband resorts to Ramen Noodles and PBJ’s, somewhat exclusively
  • I get stressed because of a lack of healthy options

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My January was not focused on food prep and when I realized I could stop trying to be superwoman and come up with creative meals for each night of the week, I decided February would be different. The main change I made (other than purchasing life-changing meal containers) was to make recipes from other bloggers / cookbooks.

Revolutionary idea, right?!

My main focus was casseroles or meals / recipes that I could make a double batch of. When I ask the Husband if he has any meal requests for the week, his answers are usually: leftovers, something with chicken, PBJ. So, I knew that making a double batch of meals would feed us both for the week. Here are some of the recipes I’ve been OBSESSED with – as in, I make at least one of these recipes every week/every other week.

Chicken Bacon Ranch Casserole from PaleOMG

I included this recipe in my Currently Loving post a couple weeks ago and I’m still loving it. In fact, we had it last week. It’s seriously so bloody easy and just so good. It’s so good, y’all. You get your fats, your protein and some healthy carbs. It’s a nutrient dense meal, for sure. I get a larger spaghetti squash and just double the recipe. Instead of 2lb of ground chicken, I got 1lb ground chicken and 1lb chicken thighs. This last week, I added peas to the mix because I am forever trying to figure out why to get my husband to eat more vegetables. The peas worked and he loves this recipe too! It does take the longest to cook, but it comes together pretty quickly. I’ll make it on food prep day and then bake on the night we actually want to eat it. Husband approved.


I honestly wasn’t so sure about this casserole. I like zoodles and tuna, but together….are you sure, Lindsay? To my surprise this casserole is AH-MAZING. The flavors go together perfectly and it reminds me of the tuna noodle casserole my mom used to make growing up…only healthier. Sorry mom. This casserole is protein and fat packed, but low in carb, making it a great option for breakfast too. We use the Chipotle Mayo suggested – it’s add a little extra spice. The first time I made it, I added a little leftover quinoa, for some added protein/carb and it tasted great. It doesn’t take too long to make and this is another that I’ve prepped on food prep day then baked on the night we want to eat it. Husband approved!

BBQ Chicken Potato Casserole from Fit & Fed (by way of Carrots ‘n’ Cake)

BBQ chicken and mashed potatoes. That’s pretty much what’s in the dish. Yes, there are spices and toppings, but really, you are working with a #stupidsimple and incredibly tasty dish. Cook the chicken, while the potatoes are cooking. Make the mashed potatoes, chop the chicken, add bbq sauce, cook and eat. I mean, really. I buy the BBQ sauce and just check the ingredient label, which makes the prep even quicker. This is another double batcher. And sometimes I just go double on the chicken and not the potatoes, if I want a protein heavy meal. I’ve also added peas (I apparently add those to alot of dishes!) to the top for added protein/green veg. Husband approved.

Happy Joe’s from Robyn Youkilis Go With Your Gut

Sam’s Club has a pretty decent cookbook selection. I was shopping for groceries when I came across this book. I’d listened to Robyn on an episode of the Balanced Bites and really wanted to check out her cookbook. It’s a great book for anyone struggling with gut issues OR anyone wanting to know more about gut health. She has a recipe for Happy Joe’s. Growing up, my mom would make sloppy joe’s with ground beef, ketchup, mustard and brown sugar. They were pretty sweet and I liked them enough. I decided to try Robyn’s recipe and it’s been a game changer. They are so simple to make (like 15 minutes) and so versatile. This photo shows them made with tempeh as the protein. My favorite combo is ground beef and chickpeas, but I’ve also mad with chicken, just beans and just meat. Each variation is so good and I usually make a double batch. Another great ‘eat for breakfast’ meal. And, Husband approved.

Chocolate Tahini Muffins from Katalyst Health

These muffins. I’m seriously obsessed and I don’t care who knows it. I’m not great with baking, so lately I’ve been using Kat’s muffin recipes. Her Blueberry Banana Muffins are were my favorite. Sometimes I even use the recipe as a base and make morning glory muffins. These chocolate tahini muffins. Guys, they are just so so so so good. And Kat knows this as I’ve shared my obsession on Instagram (especially stories). I LOVE these as the carb source in my lunch or as dessert after dinner. This latest batch (and I only have 2 left) I made with half tahini and half almond butter. While still delish, I’d HIGHLY recommend only using tahini. The combo with chocolate is just insane. So moist (anyone else hate that word) and yummy.

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How was your weekend?! Friday, I worked from home. After work, I watched the latest This Is Us. You guys, that show. Oh, I love it. The Hubs made sushi and as much as I tried to fight it, I fell asleep around 9:30p. Saturday, I started the day with a workout – deads (4 reps at 200# felt good) & back/booty day. It was also snowing when I left for the gym…it was 70 the day before. I had a nutrition coaching client consult when I got back, then grabbed coffee with the Hubs. I spent the afternoon get shit done for the business. I was so productive and even got this post done. I did a little work in the evening while watching a movie or two! Sunday, I did set up at church, did a little bit of work, filmed videos, taught a class, had nutrition coaching consult for a new client and did a bit of food prep.

Got any recipes I need to try?! What should I add to the rotation?!


What are your favorite recipes? Anything new I should try?
What did you do this weekend?!