I’m so excited to bring you a brand new series focused on all things strength training! Find out the reasons why I lift and all the details for the new series!

Reasons Why I Lift Heavy Stuff | Burpees for Breakfast

The Reasons Why I Lift Heavy Stuff + New Series

Happy Monday!

WELCOME to the Capable & Strong Series! 

I’ve been dying to share more strength training resources and workouts with you. Based on the survey for January, you all definitely want more strength training posts and workouts! Strength training has been a game changer for me. Can’t wait to share with you over the next couple months! Yes – months – I have that much to share! 

This is the first post in the Capable & Strong Series. Get ready for more! I’ll be using the hashtag #capablestrong on social channels so you never miss a post!

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A few weeks ago, I hit the 200# club on my conventional deadlift. I told my husband I was going to go for it as I left for the gym. He got there in time to film, like any good Instagram Husband. I did 1 rep, because as soon as he saw me pull 200#, he challenged me to my goal of 225# – which I didn’t hit. I was pretty excited about what I did pull because I took some time off from deadlift to nurse an SI joint flair up. AND, when I started lifting back in 2014 – I could barely lift the bar with proper form!

Naturally, I had to post my win on Facebook. I got congratulatory comments and felt strong and awesome. A couple days later, I got a comment from an old co-worker that I honestly haven’t talked to in about 5 years. It read ‘What’s the point?’.

Now, immediately I thought to myself, ‘Uh, the point is to be strong and awesome and lift 200# freaking pounds!!’ Initially, I didn’t think that was a good enough reason to respond with, so I dug deeper.

First, let me just say that lifting 200# because you want to lift 200# is okay.  The Hubs currently has a goal of pulling 500#. The reason – he wants to see if he can do it. And because he needs something to keep him motivated to go to the gym.

Anyway, I started thinking more about why lifting 200# was such a big deal. I came up with a few stories.

Every other Sunday morning, I help set up for our church service. This means moving chairs and tables, setting things up and hoisting 8 chairs and 4 ottomans from the floor to a cart. Then off the cart and on to the floor in another area. Basically, I’m deadlifting the furniture. They aren’t heavy, per say, but I definitely work up a sweat. Our set up team is usually 3 – 4 women. No men. No bros. Women. Lifting and moving heavy shit and turning over 4 rooms in usually 1 hour.

That’s why I lift.

Between my husband and I, I’m clearly the healthy eater and grocery shopper. He won’t deny if asked to confirm. I’m the one to make a weekly grocery run. During one trip, I purchased a 20# bag of sushi rice. As I got to the checkout, one of the managers asked if I wanted him to unload my cart. Now, I’m sure he was just being friendly, but would you have said that to a fella? Would ya? I had my coat on, so he couldn’t see my muscles…maybe that’s why he asked. I told him thank you for offering, but I didn’t need assistance.

As I finished paying, the checkout gal asked me if I wanted the bag boy to put the rice into the cart for me. Uh, what? It’s 20#!! I can curl that!! I got it INTO the cart just fine. Plus, muscles. Like with the manager, I told her thank you and put the rice in the cart myself. THEN, I went to put the cart away before leaving the store, all my bags in hand, including that 20# bag of rice.

That’s why I lift.

My parents moved to a new house about 30 minute away a couple weekends ago. It was sunny and 60, an amazing change from the last time they moved in ice and what felt like temperatures below zero. My husband and I were recruited to help. I got their early and started moving things with my dad. I got all my siblings beds down into the truck from upstairs by myself. I helped my dad carry a heavy table and a king sized bed from downstairs into the truck, along with a couch. All without the help of my giant 250#, mostly muscle husband, who could very likely have moved everything with one hand. By the time he arrived, only a few super heavy things remained that needed to be loaded into the truck. And the three of us got the truck unloaded in about an hour.

That’s why I lift.

I occasionally get messages from ladies that are friends or follow the blog, telling me that they started lifting heavy and have hit X lbs. I respond back with exclamation points and all the party emoji’s I can find. Reading (and seeing) women lifting heavy because I’ve somehow inspired them – wooo, that’s THE BEST!! One of my beta testers (former client and friend) started the program wanting to pull 155# for her deadlift. She hit that goal 4 weeks into the 6 week program and is up to pulling 165#! WHAT?! I told her she is going to be lifting more than me soon!

That’s why I lift.

Capable & Strong Series! | Burpees for Breakfast

Lifting makes me feel strong and powerful and awesome. It makes me feel confident. It helps me inspire other women to lift heavy shit, learn to love muscles and appreciate their body. Lifting makes me feel capable.


Lifting isn’t just for aesthetics for me. I mean, I fucking LOVE my muscles and will show them off whenever I get the chance. But it’s more than that. It’s being able to carry all my groceries from the cart to the car. It’s being able to help move furniture to multiple locations without needing someone stronger (usually a man) to help. It’s inspiring other women. It’s doing life and doing it well.

When people see me crushing it at the gym, they often ask what I’m training for. Sometimes the question takes me off guard. Often I’m not training for a race or competition.

I’m training for life. I’m training to be awesome. I’m training to be capable.

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At some point, lifting, for me, became more than a challenge from my husband. It became more than – ‘oh, I feel awesome and strong and confident’. It became – ‘I am capable. I can do all kinds of shit without worrying about whether or not a man was there to help me or do it for me.’.

The most important thing I did to increase my confidence was to continue lifting and following a program. That confidence helped me learn to love and appreciate my body – from quazilla thighs to delts of doom to non-six pack abs!

Lifting has taught be a great deal about patience and discipline. Did you catch at the top when I mentioned I couldn’t really do a conventional deadlift with good form when I first started lifting? Like, it was rough. It took 3 years for me to be able to feel confident with that lift. The big issue is that I went through different phases with my fitness program and my workouts didn’t often focus on deadlifting. Back in October, I made a commitment to focusing on that lift and getting better. I filmed myself, did research and practiced. I pushed myself and worked hard for my goal. I was disciplined and patient.

Mindset2Muscles | Burpees for BreakfastIf you’re reading this and you think a) I could never lift 200#, b) lifting weights is not cardio,  c) I’m not sure where to start, or d) the weight area at the gym is too overrun with bros and/or I’m intimidated by the weight section, let me tell you:

a) Don’t ever say NEVER. If you want it, you gotta work for it.
b) I get sweatier and my heart rate gets higher when I do strength training workouts than when I do cardio. PLUS, the two can exist together.
c) You’ve come to the right place. This blog series will give you tools. PLUS, I have a new strength training program launching soon!
d) You have every right to be in that weight section at the gym. Tell the bros to move out ya way. Or, start lifting at home, build confidence AND strength, then get it at the gym!

Over the next few weeks, I’ll be sharing on all things strength training. Some topics that will be covered, include:

  • pre / intra / post workout nutrition
  • supplement recommendations
  • gear and outfit recommendations
  • how to know what weight to lift
  • why you don’t ‘feel’ it when you workout
  • how to breath when lifting
  • why sleep and rest days are crucial
  • how to structure your workouts (a revamp and addition to this post!)
  • important mindset shifts

and of course – WORKOUTS!

  • endurance, hypertrophy and strength workouts
  • how to build a strong butt
  • push-up progressions and upper body workouts
  • why you should NEVER skip leg day and workout

and more!

Be sure to leave a comment if you want me to cover a specific topic!

Now, if you are ready to start lifting but you don’t know where to begin. OR, you already lift, but want to see some progress / want a change in program, then I’ve got something for you.

Mindset2Muscles | Burpees for Breakfast

If you are looking for a new strength training program, Mindset2Muscles is launching in just a couple weeks OFFICIALLY OPEN FOR REGISTRATION! It’s a 6 Week Strength Training Program that will help YOU build muscle, ditch the negative mindset and gain confidence! There is a beginner & intermediate/advanced option, plus an at-home and gym track.


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This program is near and dear to my heart for a few reasons.

  1. We lift heavy shit. This is a hypertrophy focused training plan. It includes 3 strength days and 2 HIIT days. I have options for all fitness levels, including an at-home and gym track.
  2. We eat clean. I offer basic, easy to follow nutrition recommendations to compliment this training program.
  3. We give support. Sometimes all you need is someone cheering you on or answering your questions. This program has a Facebook community of women ready to support and encourage!
  4. We focus on mindset. THIS is the piece I felt was missing in so many of my past programs. I can create a stellar fitness and nutrition program, but if you are doubting yourself, holding on to limiting beliefs and believing negative self-talk – you aren’t going to reach your goals. We dig deep, update our mindset and crush our goals!

My Beta Testers gave awesome testimonials that make me tear up a bit every time I read them. Here are a couple:

>>> This [Mindset2Muscles] was an incredible program that gave me the confidence to walk into the gym and know what I needed to do. I felt like I saw a change in my definition and muscle tone, but more than anything my confidence! I enjoyed the education and support throughout the program. The challenges kept me motivated and I loved the shifts in mindset! – Jen D.

>>> I genuinely enjoyed this program. It taught me that I am more than capable of lifting heaving things, and that I can continue to reach and pass my goals. This program provided encouragement to keep trying. This program also opened my eyes to different ideas on how to change my nutrition when lifting weights. It was a great experience!! – Sarah R.


So, how was your weekend!? Mine was long, but productive and fun. Friday, the Hubs and I hung out, binge watching the last season of American Ninja Warrior and I snuck in a little work. Saturday, I got up early and worked at my favorite coffee shop. After a little work, I met up with The Hubs and we spent an hour and a half at a local Ninja Warrior gym. I had a client call right in the middle, but I got some time to play around. It’s ALOT harder than you’d think. Grip strength and upper body, like crazy. I was able to climb a rope, which I’d never done before. The Hubs made it all the way up the wall a couple times, while I made it up the 9ft wall. I’m pretty sure I could have done the higher, but I didn’t give a go before we left. Since I had him with me, I made the Hubs run to the grocery with me. Back home I spent the afternoon & night working on business/blog/project work.

Sunday was set up at church, a little work at Starbucks, my Sunday class, photos at the studio with The Hubs, a Target run, a trip to my parents to give my siblings, who turn 16 today (!!!) their birthday present. I saw my Omi and got my shirt from my mom. When we got home, I powered through a little over an hour of food prep to make 4 breakfasts and lunches for us this week. We are doing a 2 week freebie at a Crossfit gym, so we plan on smoothies for dinner. We took Oscar on a walk, got Qdoba for dinner and I did more work!

Whew! Long weekend, but a great weekend. Thanks to my Hubs for being a solid Instagram Husband this weekend and to my mom for my shirt! Didn’t she do such an awesome job! Let me know if you want one!!


What did you do this weekend?!