This Back Attack Burner AMRAP is killer. Utilizing a variety of equipment, these are some of my personal favorite moves for building a strong back. 

Back Attack Burner AMRAP | Burpees for Breakfast

Back Attack Burner AMRAP + My Favorite Moves for a Killer Back

WELCOME to the Capable & Strong Series! 

This series is all about strength training. We will be chatting about things from reasons why women should lift to suggested supplements to building a strong body and mind! And you can expect strength training workouts! 

Capable & Strong Series! | Burpees for Breakfast


Happy Friday!

I’m BACK today for a Back Attack Burner AMRAP Workout! Dang, that’s a mouthful!

Back workouts have been my absolutely favorite lately. With a day job where I sit down ALOT, back workouts, along with glute workouts, are a necessity! The more I do back focused workouts, the more I love them.

I recently started incorporating pull-ups DAILY. The pull-up has been one of the moves that I’ve wanted to be able to do for YEARS! If you remember, they’ve been on my New Year’s goals list for at least 2 years.

The thing with pull-ups or exercises that seem…impossible, is that if the progression exercises are tough, it makes it difficult to practice. For the longest time, I felt like jumping pull-ups or band assisted pull-ups were difficult. It made me want to NOT attempt to get better. There are alot of progression options out there, but I had to find what worked for ME.

That was: pulling heavy (deadlifts, lat pull downs, rows) and doing eccentric/assisted pull ups with the Smith Machine. I’d put the bar at a height where my butt would just barely skim the floor with my arms extended overhead. My legs out in front of me, sometimes with my knees bent, with heels on the ground. I switched between giving myself a little extra help UP, hold then lower down slow on the eccentric portion OR pulling myself up (less help), hold, then lower down. For me, it really helped me make the mind-muscle connection and actually feel my muscles working! It looks similar to thisbut I’ll try to put up a video this weekend!

Pull ups have become one of my favorite exercises to practice! A few of my other favorites are below in today’s Back Attack Burner AMRAP. Before we get into it, let’s touch quickly on the muscles we will be working, for those fitness nerds like me!

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So, these moves focus on muscles of the back AND shoulders. You’ll notice that as you do these moves and read the description, your shoulder blades are involved, big time. As we consider the mind-muscle connection, be aware that your shoulders are involved in these movements.


  • Erector Spinae Muscles (there are 3 of them), Quadratus Lumborum and Mutifidus are responsible for either spinal flexion, extension, rotation or contralateral rotation. These muscles move the top half of your body side to side, front to back and twists.
  • Latissiumus Dorsi is responsible for shoulder extension, adduction (moving towards the midline of the body) and internal rotation. This is the giant V shaped muscle that takes up a solid portion of your back and gives it that V shape.


  • Rhomboids assist with bring shoulder blades back and down (how many times have I said, shoulder blades back and down in my exercise descriptions?!).
  • Traps – and there are 3: upper, middle, and lower – are responsible for assisting with bringing the shoulders back (retraction – lower trap) and down (depression – middle trap). As well as shoulder elevation and cervical extension, lateral flexion and rotation (moving the neck – upper trap).
  • Like Traps, the 3 heads of your Delts , aka shoulders, assist with shoulder flexion and internal rotation (anterior or front delt), shoulder abduction (moving away from the midline – medial delt) and shoulder extension and external rotation (posterior delt).

All the moves below require these muscles to work in order to perform the move! Whew, lots of anatomy talk. Let’s get into our workout, shall we?!

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  • cable machine (s) w/rope, handle and straight bar attachment
  • dumbbells (mid-heavy)
  • lat pulldown machine
  • loop resistance band <– that’s the brand I use


Complete the pull up / chin up section first. Complete as many reps as pretty. That’s your first set. Rest, then repeat. Aim for 3 – 4 sets. You can do assisted.

For each circuit, set timer for 12 minutes. Complete RX reps of each move, resting when needed. Aim for 3 – 4 sets.


The pull up /  chin up section is optional, but I highly recommend it.
You can use a tube resistance band and door mount, if you don’t have access to a cable machine.
Use moderate to heavy weight and a lighter loop resistance band.

Back Attack Burner AMRAP | Burpees for Breakfast


  • FACE PULLS: Load the cable machine with desired weight and secure the rope attachment. With each end in one hand, take a couple steps back. With knees slightly bent, butt back and back flat, engage upper back muscles to pull the rope towards your face. As you pull back, lead with the elbows, pull rope apart and squeeze shoulder blades together. Release and repeat.
  • STRAIGHT ARM PULL DOWN: Load the cable machine with desired weight and secure the straight bar attachment. With hand on each end, take a couple steps back. With knees slightly bent and back flat, hinge at the hip with arms up overhead. Engaging the back muscles, pull the bar down and towards you, squeezing your back muscles at the bottom of the movement.
  • LAT PULL DOWN: Load the lat pull down machine with desired weight. With a wide grip, grab both ends of the bar and sit down. Engaging the lats, pull the bar down towards you, leaning back slightly. The bar should come to the top of your chest / sternum. Imagine your shoulder blades going down and slightly towards the midline, into your back pocket – think of the letter V.
  • SINGLE ARM BENT ROW: Grab a dumbbell, standing upright with weight in heels, slight bend in the knee, glutes squeezed, pelvis slightly tucked, shoulders back and down. Hinge at hip, stagger stance for extra support, bracing core to bring back to a 45 degree angle/parallel to the ground (or until tension is felt in hamstrings), chest up. Row up, elbow shooting straight back staying close to your body, squeezing at the top. Return to start.
  • SINGLE ARM LAT PULL DOWN: Load the cable machine with desired weight and basic hand attachment. Grab the attachment with the outside arm, overhead. With shoulders back and down or core braced, come on to one knee and kneel down – arm holding attachment should be overhead. Engage upper back / shoulder muscles to pull arm down, leading with elbow. Like the lat pull down, imagine shoulder blades traveling into your back pocket.
  • LOOP BAND SUPERMAN ROW: With light resistance loop band around your wrists, lay on your belly, with arms and legs stretched out. Actively engage core, glutes, and lower back muscles, as you lift your chest and arms (and legs) off the ground, spread arms wide, elbows at about 90 degrees, and think about bringing shoulder blades into your back pocket. Squeeze at the top, and return to start.

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What are your favorite moves for a strong back?
What workouts do you want to see next?!