Nervous to look silly at the gym? Today, I’m sharing my most embarrassing gym moment and telling you why Mindset2Muscles can help with the silly factor.

My Most Embarrassing Gym Moment  | Burpees for Breakfast

My Most Embarrassing Gym Moment + Mindset2Muscles Details

WELCOME to the Capable & Strong Series! 

This series is all about strength training. We will be chatting about things from reasons why women should lift to suggested supplements to building a strong body and mind! And you can expect strength training workouts.

Capable & Strong Series! | Burpees for Breakfast

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I shared this with my Mindset2Muscles Waitlisters and thought it’d be a great topic to share on the blog, as part of the Capable & Strong Series!

In early 2014, I went to the gym with my now husband to do my 1RM (1 rep max) on Bench Press and Squat. He’d just challenged me to lift weights for a few months before a vacation to California and I accepted, but didn’t really know much about lifting. As a new trainer, I knew this was a good first step.

We go over to squat rack to begin. He loads up the bar while I do a few bodyweight squats to prep. I see a 45# plate on each side, but right away, he gives me a look like he knows I can handle more. These days, he just tells me (jokingly) to stop being such a girl and load more weight on the bar! We weren’t at this place yet!

I honestly wasn’t really sure what I could handle, so I gave him the green light to add a 10# plate to each side. I get into position. Push the bar from the rack. Back up a couple steps. And start my squat.

That first rep was rough and I struggled. But, I decided to push through and make another attempt.

I reset. I lowered down. As I started to stand up…I started to lean forward, with the bar, loaded with 155# on my back.

In the most graceful fashion, I’m sure, I slowly rolled forward with the bar, managing to let it drop on the guard rails without hurting anything.

You know as soon as I stood up, the now husband looked at me with a look of horror. What had I done? What happened? How did that happen?!?!?

It was as if I was having an out of body experience, watching this happen in slow motion. I imagine it was something that would have been perfect for America’s Funniest Home Videos – remember that show? They would have slow mo’ed it a few times, at least!

I could do nothing but laugh it off and tell the husband that I needed lighter weight next time. I assumed everyone in the gym was watching me and would laugh at any second, but honestly, I think maybe only a couple people saw me, if that.

That was probably the most embarrassing thing to happen me at the gym and anytime I feel a little silly at the gym, I think back to that moment.


I’ve heard from alot of women that the reason they don’t give strength training a try is because they feel like they will look silly. Honestly, you might when you first start. But, that’s no reason to give up. Imagine if I gave up after that bar drop. I probably wouldn’t even be here right now, trying to convince you to give strength training a try!

The beauty of doing a program like Mindset2Muscles is that photos AND video demonstrations are provided. Not sure how to do a certain exercise, all you gotta do is look at the photos or videos.


You also get all the workouts when you purchase the program. Meaning, you will have all your workouts before it’s actually time to start working out. You can practice the moves that you are not familiar with at home before even going to the gym.

But, won’t everyone be watching me?!

Girlfriend, let me tell you a secret. Come close.

Everyone is too focused on themselves to watch you workout OR mess up.

Sure, there might be a couple that see you out of the corner of their eye OR that are really interested in the exercise you are doing enough to watch. As a trainer, I like to check in on people every once in awhile, but more often than not, I’m focused on my workout. What do you think all those mirrors are lining the walls for?

I’d like to say, it’s to check form, but let’s be honest, it’s to admire yourself as you lift heavy shit. I do it ALL. THE. TIME.

So, get out of your own head, be okay with the possibility of looking silly, review exercises before going to the gym, and rock those weights!

One final note – if you are worried about looking silly by carrying a piece of paper around with your workout on it, let me tell you another secret:

Almost everyone in the gym is doing the same thing!

Carrying that piece of paper around with you helps you do a few things:

  • Track your progress // so important!!
  • Remember your workout  // would you rather carry around a sheet of paper/notebook or completely forget the moves, mid workout?!
  • Let people know what you are serious about your workout // I’ve had people come up to me at the gym, asking me what I’m training for. It’s an opportunity to tell them about the program you are doing and why you want to get strong and confident!

The Mindset2Muscles workout sheet is only 1 page, FRONT & BACK (any Friends fans out there? When Rachel writes Ross a letter…18 pages, FRONT & BACK!). Which means you can fold that baby up and keep it with your phone. You can stick it inside a cute notebook. You can even access it on your phone. Here’s a screenshot of that same workout above, in Google Drive, on my iPhone.

Important Mindset2Muscles Details

  • The Waitlist is currently open and will be open until Sunday.
  • If you are on the Waitlist, you’ll receive FREE preview workouts, a special discount to purchase the program 1 day early (June 5) and a FREE 25-minute consult with the purchase of the program.
  • Joining the waitlist does NOT mean you are committing to purchasing the program. You’ll get the freebies and discount if you decide to purchase.
  • Public launch day is June 6th and the cart will remain open until June 13th ONLY.
  • The Program starts on June 14th with a few days of prep. The official 6 weeks starts on June 18th.
  • There are only 20 spots available.
  • I’ve share videos over at the Burpees for Breakfast Facebook page on some common objections to starting strength training and I’ll be sharing more next week!

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What’s your most embarrassing gym moment?!
What are you doing this weekend?!