Curious how to create your own workouts? Maybe you have access to a gym or different pieces of equipment and you’re ready to create a workout that is fun and effective. Today’s post gives you some of my best tips.

How to Create Your Own Workouts | Burpees for Breakfast

How to Create Your Own Workouts

WELCOME to the Capable & Strong Series! 

This series is all about strength training. We will be chatting about things from reasons why women should lift to suggested supplements to building a strong body and mind! And you can expect strength training workouts.

Capable & Strong Series! | Burpees for Breakfast

Gooooood Morning and Happy Friday!

How are you all doing?! Pumped for the weekend?!

Today’s post is actually something I covered in a Facebook Live earlier this week. One of the Squad members asked a question on how to create her own workouts, based on the type of equipment she has. I took it as an opportunity to share some basic details that I use when creating workouts.

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I complied all this information in to a downloadable document. Sign up for the weekly newsletter list to grab a copy. Additionally, I’m considering putting together a more in depth training on this topic/creating an e-book. If this is something you are interested in, please write ME in the comments and I’ll send out more details once something is in the works.

Grab the How to Create Your Own Workouts download.
How to Create Workouts | Burpees for Breakfast

This will the finalCapable & Strong Series post in the ! More fun things coming to the blog over the next few weeks. You can check out all the posts in the Capable & Strong Series HERE.

Just 2 reminders:

  1. #FieryFinishers kicks off today!! It’s FREE 5 day Instagram Challenge of fiery workout finishers! We will be delivering the finishers to your inbox each night. The next day, you add the finisher to the end of your workout, share it on Instagram, tag us (@burpees4bfast & @getwellwithem) and use the hashtag: #FieryFinishers. JOIN FIERY FINISHERS & GET FREE WORKOUTS!
  2. The Squad is quickly becoming my favorite place to hang out, with so many awesome women. The dream was for it to be a place for health-minded women to come and hang out together. We’d offer encouragement, answer questions, provide support. We’d do health challenges, chat nutrition and body love, discuss workouts and mindset. It’d be fun place with a ton of value. And that’s EXACTLY what it is. If you are looking for a community, join the Squad!

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How did you weekend go?! Friday, we had parent dinner with BOTH parents and my youngest siblings. Super good Italian food, filled with gluten and cheese, that I enjoyed without guilt (and no stomach pain!). I was super tired and fighting a wonky, water eye, so I went to bed pretty early, while the Hubs had a couple drinks with friends. We both hit the gym early on Saturday, got ready, did a bit of business work at my favorite place, and then spent the rest of the afternoon shopping/buying a new iPad for the business (the Hubs). I did more business work when I got home and went on walks with Oscar.

Sunday was set up at church, business work, helped the Hubs with an open house and a little food prep. Y’all, I am SO OVER food prep lately. Like spending money on food and prepping it. We got a Blue Apron delivery on Friday. My beef with Blue Apron is that there is no GF or DF option (or at least, I can’t find it). I still have to cook the meal. And, the serving sizes are not very big. The Hubs eats enough for 1.5 people (he’s giant and muscular), so the steak we got for our meal this week is the size he normally eats by himself. Also, no leftovers. Blah. So, since July is crazy busy and I’m teaching 2 classes per week, we are going for eating out more and I’m option for Whole Foods salad bar. We will see how it goes :).


How do you create your own workouts?
What did you do this weekend?!