What do wood chopping and wellness goals have in common? So much! Check out today’s post to find out more!

Wood Chopping & Wellness Goals | Burpees for Breakfast

Wood Chopping & Wellness Goals

Happy FriYAY! Woo! How are you doing, friends?!

One of my Thug Gals texted me this week and was list: ‘You chopped wood!?’ I told her yes and gave her a few details on how it went. I shared this to my newsletter subscribers and Facebook page last week, but I also wanted to share it here…because I can.

We chopped wood last Monday. And it was pretty fun.

It was my husband’s idea. I’ve never chopped wood before in my life. Or held an axe. Just before we went he said he’d go over proper form with me, so the axe didn’t come back and hit my legs.

To be honest, I was a bit nervous. The thought of axe cut legs did not sound good to me.

We got to his parents house and set everything up. I started with axing my placeholder stump to get a feel for the movement. After a few swings, I graduated to logs. I wish I could say I nailed it and split the log on my first attempt, but I’d be flat out lying to ya. It took quite a few swings to finally split a log.

The sound of that first log splitting was awesome. I felt like such a badass.

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In our hour and a half wood chopping date, I split my fair share of logs. My last one was the size of a toddler. The Hubs warned me that toddler sized logs did not split very easily, but I decided to attempt it anyway. I axed that thing for a good 10 – 15 minutes. He ended up coming over to help and split it in just 2 hits. After it split, he said it was cedar, which is apparently very difficult to split, and that I would have been there much longer, if he hadn’t stepped in to assist.

As I chopped, I couldn’t help but think how this exercise was related to wellness goals. I know, something everyone thinks when splitting wood, right?

Wood Chopping & Wellness Goals

  1. If you half-ass it, you’re not going to split the log / reach your goals. Just standing in front of a log, attacking it with axe doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll get a good split. The same with a wellness goal – let’s say weight loss. If you don’t go in with a plan of action and have some idea of what you are doing, you will never reach your goal. Which brings me to the second point…
  2. You need to have a plan of action in place if you want to split the log / reach your goal. There is a certain way that the axe needs to be held and swung. Your body needs to be in the correct position to produce enough force to split the log…and to avoid injury. The tool and the body have to work together in order to split the log. Same with a weight loss goal. The tools (nutrition plan and fitness regime) you use need to work well with YOUR body and your specific goal. If not, guess what, you aren’t reaching the goal.
  3. You won’t always get it on the first try. If I split a log with every attempt, I’d be much better at chopping wood than my husband, for one thing. And I’d really be a badass wood chopper. However, I didn’t split a log with every attempt. I probably wasn’t even 50% accurate. I’ve coached nutrition clients that got upset when they did lose weight in the first week. Well, sometimes, that happens. Just because your pal Suzie lost weight in a week by doing x,y,z doesn’t mean you’ll do the same. This is where it’s crucial to not give, but rather, stick with it or try a different approach.
  4. You might need to switch up your approach. About a third of the way into our session, my Husband told me that I needed to work on the swing down. He said I needed to give it as much power as I could to get a good split. When I adjusted and gave more power on the swing down, it was alot easier to split the log. Not only did I feel more powerful, but I made the split more often. Let’s go back to friend Suzie: just because her approach to weight loss worked for her, doesn’t mean it’s going to work for you. Your body is different and might need a different approach.
  5. Sometimes you need outside help. The Hubs had split wood before. Many times. He coached me on my form, offered me suggestions throughout and even helped me at the end split the toddler sized log in half. There are SO. MANY benefits to working with a coach. They can give you suggestions and tips. They can look from the outside at your approach, correcting when needed. And sometimes, after you’ve worked tirelessly, they can come in and help you meet your or tweak your goal. If you’ve been spinning your wheels with your nutrition and fitness and you’re getting nowhere, maybe it’s time to work with a coach to help you reach your goals?!

So, do you need to start whole-assing your goals? Maybe you need to get a plan in place or switch your approach? Perhaps you need to look realistically at priorities and timelines? Maybe you need to get with a coach or even join a community group that will encourage you to reach your goals.

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Upcoming Events

July has been a busy month so far, packed with all kinds of fun opportunities. There are 3 events coming up that might be of interest!

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Sooooo, how was your week?! Mine was long and a bit stressful (more on this soon), so I’m pretty ready for the weekend. Nothing is on the calendar for Saturday, but I know it will be spent, at least part of the day, on business things. Sunday, I have my Athleta event, Sweat & Shine, in the morning! I can’t wait for it! BIG THANK YOU to Vital Proteins for providing some goodies to share with participants! After the event, I’m helping The Hubs with an open house. And at some point, we are going to do some shopping for Vegas!!


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