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Happy Friday! Happy September! How are you? I feel like it’s been so long since I’ve posted. Yes, I did a little update last Monday, but it wasn’t the same as a new post. I’ve missed blogging and now that summer craziness has winded down, I’m looking forward to getting back to it. Today, I’ve got my Favorite Things, a summer recap, September intentions and a weekend recap. Grab a cup of coffee and let’s go!


Restore Joggers – Athleta

I’ve own a few pair of joggers. I like the style. It’s like a fashionable cross between a sweat pant and a legging. I’d never found a pair that I was 100% in love with, until now. The Restore Joggers are THE GREATEST joggers, ever. Hands down. Don’t try and prove me wrong, because I don’t think it’s possible. The pants are LIFE! I never want to take them off. I feel the same way about the Criss Cross Sweater from Athleta as well. I wore them this weekend (and everyone asked to feel them! Hah!) and will live in them as the weather cools down.

You need these in your life. Right now.

Chuck Taylor’s

In high school, I had a pair of pink Chuck Taylor’s that were covered in permanent marker doodles – because #PunkRockKid. I got my second pair of Chuck’s last January. We helped our In-Laws clean a family home in Texas and my MIL had gotten me some fitness clothes that didn’t fit from a store there. I had to use the credit that day and decided a pair of Chuck’s would work. I’ve worn them since, of course, but I’ve been wearing them more often lately. Especially to the gym – such a great lightweight shoe. I’m thinking my next color will be maroon. Oh, which will go well with the Restore Joggers and Criss Cross Sweater!

Vital Proteins Gelatin & Natural Calm

You all know I’m slightly obsessed with Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides. When I was in Vegas, I stopped into the IDEA World Convention and was able to visit a few nutrition companies. Vital Proteins was one of them. I’d used gelatin before, but since it’s only for hot liquids, I don’t get it often. One of the reps told me about how he would have a couple scoops in an evening tea and I decided I needed to give it a try. Plus, it was on sale.

For the past week, I’ve been enjoying a scoop of Vital Proteins Gelatin (affiliate link) & Natural Calm (using Raspberry-Lemon Flavor!) before bed, while diffusing some essential oils (working on a new evening routine) and I LOVE it!

Downton Abbey

My mom is the biggest Downton Abbey fan and I finally decided to start watching it a couple weeks ago. The Hubs watched parts of a couple episodes, but last weekend (or the weekend before), he ended up watching a full episode…and got hooked. He asked to watch episodes and we watched at least 5 last Sunday. We started season 4 after being SO UPSET about what happens at the end of season 3 (no spoilers if you haven’t seen it!). Such a good show!

Teeccino Herbal Coffee

I love coffee. I’ve gone off of it many times, but I always come back to it. I rarely need it for the caffeine. I just love the comfort and taste. However, I can’t handle multiple cups daily and generally, just wanted to cut back a bit. I tried Teeccino at the recommendation of a client. I really enjoy it. It’s definitely not coffee, but the Vanilla Nut has the nutty flavor and warm, comfort of coffee! #win I got mine at Thrive Market (affiliate link)!

My New Product Shop

I just moved all my products over to a new storefront. I love the streamline, simple look and it’s so much easier for me to manage. All 4 of my workout programs are available for purchase! SHOP PROGRAMS!



In June, I wrapped up the Capable & Strong Series. I really enjoyed putting it together and I hope it provided some valuable information – and inspired you to start lifting heavy things. Mindset2Muscles round 2 launched with a great group of ladies. I partnered with Em from Get Well with Em for a week of #FieryFinishers. The lovely gals at Purely Twins featured me in their Friday Soul Sisters Chat. And Lauren has me as a guest on her podcast! I taught a couple classes at a local studio. The Hubs and I celebrated our 2 year wedding anniversary and 7 year dating anniversary!

Blog Posts:


July was BUSY! I led a LIVE WORKOUT at Athleta that was so fun! The Mindset2Muscles round 2 gals finished up so well! We talked about How to Find Your Perfect Workout with Eggland’s Best and Fit Approach. The first Intuitive Eating Virtual Workshop went down. I went to BlogFest & IDEA World Conference and spent a few days living it up in Vegas (side note: Jill from JillFit was there the last 2 days of our trip! I didn’t meet her, but I definitely Insta stalked her and hoped I’d run into her. Hah #womancrush). We also celebrated our 1 year Oscar-versary!

Blog Posts:


The Intuitive Eating Virtual Workshop continued and we got some great feedback in The Squad. We talked 4 Modifications to Make Your Workouts Work for You. I led a LIVE WORKOUT at Fabletics – another fun event. I moved down to part-time at my job to work on Burpees for Breakfast and our Real Estate Company part-time. I did #Sweet16Sweat Workouts all month and loved it. I tried Krav Maga for the first time. And moved to a new shop for all my products!

Blog Posts:

Overall, so many good things happened in the last 3 months. When I take time to really reflect, so much growth, great opportunities and fun. Lots of growth that was a bit more difficult, but necessary. The summer is always an interesting few months for me. Usually fairly busy, yet fun, and it always makes me ready for the fall.


I’ve set intentions in every area of my life for September, which I haven’t done before – personal, relationships, business and more. The biggest thing is to really invest more into Burpees for Breakfast so I can help more women reach their goals. I want to take more chances. Put myself out of my comfort zone a bit more. Read more books. Blog more. Basically, take more action. Live less in fear. Update my money mindset. Make dreams happen. And live my best life.

Beautycounter Social Event

I’ve been a fan of Beautycounter for a while now. The Charcoal Bar is LIFE! I’m so pumped to be hosting a Beautycounter Bash on Facebook September 12 @7pm. You can get all the event details here. The best part is that you can start shopping AND buying today! Follow this link to shop and purchase.

Beautycounter Bash | Burpees for Breakfast


I spent the weekend at a lake house in Reading, Michigan with a 8 other gals, including 3 Thugs, to celebrate a Thug birthday! We all turn 30 this year and Jessi kicked us off. The house was right on the lake. It was super simple, with lots of windows and more than enough space to chill out and relax. We took a boat ride, had a bonfire, made all our meals and mostly hung out on the dock, reading and tanning. I worked out one day and let a yoga sesh one day. It was so fun and so relaxing and exactly what I needed! Monday, one Thug and I went for breakfast at Patachou, before I tidied up the house, did a little work and went to the In Laws for dinner!

Weekend Update | Burpees for BreakfastSO, TELL ME:

What are you loving lately?
What did you do this weekend?
What are you looking forward to dong this September?