Intuitive Exercise, to me, is moving in a way that allows me to enjoy movement, listen to my body and not lose my shit when I miss a day at the gym! Learn more in today’s post!

Intuitive Exercise | Burpees for Breakfast

Intuitive Exercise: What the Heck is It?

The past 10+ years of my fitness journey have been interesting. When I look back to my early blog workouts that contained loads of burpees, I can’t help but think of how crazy I used to be. Around that same time, I rarely took off days. I remember doing 3 mile runs on more than one occasion and calling it an ‘off day’. In my head, I’m thinking, ‘girl, please.’

I’ve gone through so many seasons of workouts. I started as a runner, transitioned into HIIT and running, dabbled in yoga, fell in love with weight lifting and finally arrived at a place where I feel comfortable combing all the movement I love into my routine.

Intuitive Exercise has been a game changer for me, especially over the past few months. I first started practicing Intuitive Exercise last Spring, after being sidelined with a bout of adrenal fatigue. I was working out (under alot of stress) and decided to train for a half marathon. Then I basically had to stop most workouts for an indefinite amount of time to work on healing. It took a few months of trial and error, of listening to my body, before I finally found what worked for me, in the longer term.

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To me, Intuitive Exercise is moving in a way that allows me to enjoy workouts, to find pleasure in movement, and to not feel like I need to lose my shit when I miss a day at the gym. It’s honoring, respecting and listening to my body. AND, giving it what it needs.


This summer is a great example of how I practiced Intuitive Exercise. At the beginning of June, I decided I wanted to take a week or so off from my normal workouts. I’d spent the winter and early spring focusing solely on weight lifting, before incorporating more HIIT workouts as it turned to summer. I took a full week of workouts to do just yoga. I survived and felt amazing. It made me want to incorporate more mobility into my workouts, so July focused on HIIT and mobility. June and July were busier, so I took more off days than normal and walked instead, as well. August was a combination of all workouts I love: HIIT, lifting, yoga and mobility. I gave myself 15 minutes to warm-up/do mobility/do yoga, then I did a 16 minute HIIT/lifting workout (#Sweet16Sweat). The exercises varied each day and I tried to incorporate a new move into each workout. I loved it! Now that we are into September, I’ll be getting back into a lifting prograFINDING WHAT WORKS

All this came about because of my love of variety. I love HIIT and lifting and yoga. I don’t like working out more than 1 hour, and often prefer 30 minutes or less. This means I don’t often incorporate all my loves into 1 workout. And I usually average 3 – 4 days of workouts and a class. I’d rather, vary my workouts by the season or my schedule. In the summer, I’m in maintenance mode – focusing on Intuitive Exercise and dong what I want. In the fall/winter/early spring, I want to be lifting heavy shit and incorporating HIIT workouts. I’ve found it works for me, my body and my lifestyle. I’ve also found that saying yes to off days more often than not, helps me stay consistent and motivated.

It took trial and error. It took giving myself permission to try new things and to not do other things. It took realizing that my body knows what it needs much better than anyone else and just because Sally Sue says X,Y,Z workout is the best, doesn’t mean that I’ll like it, see results, or feel good doing it!

If you are focusing on your body – what it wants and what it needs, on how to provide for, respect and honor it – you won’t care what anyone else says.


The beauty of Intuitive Exercise is that there are no rules. It helps you establish a positive relationship with your body AND tune into what it needs. It gets rid of exercise for punishment and turns exercise AND movement into enjoyment. It helps you stop stressing and obsessing about the time you spend in the gym. It helps you take rest days and actually rest!

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On Friday, I’ll be sharing 3 ways you can listen to your body and start exercising intuitively.

How was your weekend?! I hope it was wonderful and relaxing! Friday, I slept in…until 8am! Hah. The Hubs and I both had eye appointments in the morning and did a little shopping at Target. I found out I have allergies in both eyes and have to use special eye drops twice a day. They are NO FUN and making me wear my classes much more than usual. We hung out a bit Friday, before I spent the afternoon/evening working on business things. I felt so productive.

Saturday, I felt like I was in an allergy coma. I made it to the Farmer’s Market and then a text from The Hubs that we were going to kayaking in about an hour. I picked up some things and he insisted on a short workout before we left. I didn’t want to move at all, so I did a short warm up and some yoga. Perfect example of Intuitive Exercise! Just after I put on my suit and sunscreen, we found out one of the people we were going to go with got sick. Instead, we went walking around a parking and close by town with Oscar. I did a bit of work when I got home, but spent the rest of the night watching Fast & Furious 4 – 7, feeling so blah from allergies. Sunday was set up at church, food prep, work and relaxing because #allergiessuck again.

Tomorrow, I’ve got a Beautycounter Bash on Facebook! It’s a free event and I’m giving away a 1×1 coaching session for anyone that purchases $100 pre-tax and adds a Band of Beauty Membership, so make sure you attend. RSVP HERE!

The Hubs is turning 31 on Friday and we have a weekend of celebrating…even though he hates his birthday.

AND, as of yesterday, I’m teaching another class at Athleta on Sunday at 11am! If you are local, come on out for a workout, private shopping session and a fun discount!

Do you practice Intuitive Exercise?
What are your thoughts on Intuitive Exercise?
What did you do this weekend?