We hear it all the time: Listen to Your Body. But, how do we start doing it? In today’s post, find out my 3 simple tips to start listening to your body.

How to Listen to Your Body | Burpees for Breakfast

How To Listen To Your Body (Fitness Focus)

Happy Friday! How are you doing?! Are you so ready for today and the weekend?!

Let’s chat how to listen to your body, shall we? I say this ALOT. And I know other wellness professionals do the same thing. However, what if you don’t know where to start? How do you know you are actually listening to your body? Will it talk back to you?!

Valid questions, friends.

Listening to your body is such an important part of living a well-balanced, healthy life. Especially when it comes to working out. Why don’t we break it down into 3 manageable steps? I’m going to use fitness related examples, but these steps could honestly be applied to any area of your life.

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I did a Facebook live on this topic yesterday and went into a bit more detail on these points. Check it out here:

Take mental notes.

This first step is simple, yet complicated. Simply, I want you to observe how your body is feeling – before, during and after your workouts. Are you excited to go to the gym? Dreading your workout? So sore you can barely move? Is there movement your body is craving – yoga, walking, lifting? Do you want to take an off day but feel like you should workout everyday? Or maybe you want to cut your workouts in half, but were told you had to workout for an hour to get results? Take mental notes of how you are feeling and start thinking through ways you can give your body what it needs. Use a journal, if needed.

Trial and error.

How many times do you think that I pushed through workouts and extra business work, even when my body was sore and tired and running on caffeine. LOTS OF TIMES. It took alot of trial and error for me to make decisions about my workouts this week. When you start working on listening to your body, a good amount of work comes in the form of trial and error – figuring out how many off days you need, when to switch up workouts, how much to eat, how often to train, knowing how to exercise intuitively.
Trial and error might seem scary. I know for me, it was. BUT, it doesn’t always have to be error. Hopefully, most times it turns into Trial and SUCCESS, right? As you work towards listening to your body, you’ll find that it’s often times success.

Implement what you learned and make it work for you.

Alright, you’ve been checking in with yourself, taking mental notes, doing a bit of trial and error and trial and success. Now it’s time to implement what we learned. Did you find that by taking an extra off day each week your mood was better? That you were less sore or that you slept better? Did you find that cutting back the length of time you worked out allowed you to accomplish other things and feel more prepared for the day? Did adding in a yoga focused workout each week help you feel more centered – and give you a much needed time of stretching and relaxation? What worked? What do you want to implement moving forward?

For me, I know that when I’m really sore and tired, I need a few things: sleep, walks, a yoga session and more food – usually carbs. That’s exactly what I gave myself yesterday and today. Back in the day, I used to push through tiredness, soreness, pain – because I thought I needed to workout everyday to be the best. That landed me stressed and even more tired.

I’ve found that going through these steps and tweaking as needed, helped me not only listen to my body and exercise intuitively, but also LOVE my body. Yes, love my body. When you are in tune with what your body needs, you learn to appreciate it so much more. And listening to your body with your workouts transfers over into listening to your body when it comes to nutrition and self-care.

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Now that you have 3 simple steps to follow, my challenge to you is to start putting them into action. Choose 1 area of your fitness routine that you’ll start practicing these steps. It could be with your post workout nutrition. It could be related to the weight you are lifting. Pick something. Then, start taking mental notes – find out what needs to change or what you want to do more of. Then, do a little trial and error OR trial and success. Try it out for a week. Then, Implement what you learned. Come back and let me know how it went for you!

Monday, I’ll be sharing a WORKOUT! It’s a killlllller leg day workout that requires dumbbells. It happens to be the strength workout I did on Monday that had my quads sore for days.

So, it’s the Hubs’ birthday today. Short-ish story because I know he won’t read this post: He guesses his presents 95% of the time. And I hate it! With Christmas and his last birthday, I thought I did a pretty good job of not saying anything or giving away details, but he still guessed a couple presents. For the past month, he’s been whining about these jogger pants that alot of the Ninja Warrior guys wear. He apparently looked for upwards of 4 hours and couldn’t find them. I decided into Instagram message the guy that we saw wearing them and he messaged me back within an hour, with the link to the pants. I ordered and decided they would be his birthday present.

Since then, I’ve tried to play it cool. Not mention the pants too much, say I couldn’t find them, etc. On Tuesday night after watching Ninja, he said, ‘I’m pretty sure you got me the pants for my birthday.’ WWWHHHHHAAATTT?! HOW?! HOW DID HE GUESS?! I played it off and said he’d be disappointed when he opens his gift and doesn’t have the pants. Since then, he’s said at least 2 times that he thinks I got him the pants.

I’ve had them wrapped since I got them in a large box, so yesterday, I unwrapped the box, took out the pants, put in a couple random things and a note that says ‘Fooled You’ – because I told him the box was a decoy. I got him 3 boxes of the cereal he likes and placed them around the house for him to find. I’m going to hopefully play it off like this is all I got him. We go to his parents for dinner tonight and I think I’m going to put them on the bed before we leave, so he sees them when we come home. FINGERS CROSSED this works! Uggg!

We’ve got a hiking date and sushi date tomorrow. Sunday, I teach a Sweat & Shine Event at Athleta @ 11am! Come out if you are local!

How do you practice listening to your body?
What was your process for learning to listen to your body?
What are your weekend plans?