Know you need to practice self-care but not sure how to start. Today we are talking about how to start a self-care routine – and stick with it! I’m sharing my favorites and giving you some fun suggestions!

How To Start A Self-Care Routine | Burpees for Breakfast

How To Start A Self-Care Routine

Happy Monday and Happy October!

Are you as excited for October as I am? I’m SO pumped! We’ve got fall weather, fall clothes, fall foods, fall candles, new workout program (for me – more lifting!!), closer to my birthday and Thanksgiving and Christmas! So many good things!

Today also kicks off Nourish Month here on the blog! All month long, each post will have the theme of Nourish – mind, body, soul. I’ve got recipes, workouts and more planned, so stay tuned!

I’ve talked about self-care multiple times on the blog before, but I’ve never outlined a post on how to create a self-care routine. Incorporating self-care into your life is SO IMPORTANT. If your cup is only half full and you let other people take sips (i.e taking care of kids, putting in more hours at work, caring for your family, hustling as an entrepreneur, getting sick all the time, etc.), eventually, you aren’t going to have anything in your cup Having a self-care routine will allow you to make sure your cup is as full as possible, so you can be your best self.

Let’s just get this out of the way, Self-care is NOT selfish – it’s necessary.

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So, starting a self-care routine. Here are my 3 tips!

Commit to starting a routine

You deserve time for yourself. On a daily, weekly and monthly basis. Make the realization and commit to starting your routine. If you’re new to this, start slow and adjust as needed.

Figure out how to treat yo’self

Figure out what activities help you relax, unwind, recharge and feel your best. Again, if you are new to this, it might take a few attempts to find those things. My advice is to make a list (see below) and try things out. Even though I have a self-care activities I love, I still try out new things!

How often do you want to treat yo’self

I highly recommend daily, weekly and monthly self-care activities. For the daily activities, they can be a short as 1 – 2 minutes or as long as an hour. Just a little something to help you recharge. Weekly activities can be a little longer and could be done on the weekends, or on a day when you have more time. Monthly or every few months, I like to pick an activity that costs money – a massage, a manicure, a meal at a nice restaurant.

My favorite self-care activities 

I’m always adding things to my list. Feel free to try out any of my favorites. The items with an asterisk are ones that I don’t necessarily do every day or week, but attempt to! That’s the beauty of a self-care routine – it’s not always going to be the same and there is always room to tweak or add in something new.


  • warm lemon water with collagen
  • morning walk with Oscar
  • mediation and devotions in the morning
  • podcast walks throughout the day
  • dinner with my husband
  • watching at least 1 TV show with my husband
  • coffee at our coffee shop (maybe a couple times a week)
  • working out
  • journaling


  • sit down work time at a coffee shop (usually my favorite in town)
  • one night of no work and a few hours of TV (usually watch a few episodes of whatever show I’m watching)
  • a longer walk
  • painting my nails*
  • burning a candle
  • face mask*
  • house cleaning
  • tea with a book or blogs
  • diffuse essential oils


  • restaurant dinner with the husband
  • yoga session or few throughout the month
  • coffee dates with friends

For the past couple months, The Husband and I have been taking one day out of the month to treat ourselves (and not do any work!). We’ve gotten massages, walked around our favorite town with Oscar and went out to dinner. Our plans for hiking this weekend were foiled by me getting food poisoning, but hiking will be our activity in October. Acupuncture is on deck for November.

Fun Suggestions

I wanted to offer some suggestions, if you are looking for some ideas. I’m hoping to add in a few of these too!

  • dance party
  • stretch routine
  • laugh – with friends, at a tv show/movie
  • start a gratitude journal
  • book, blanket and tea
  • bubble bath
  • alternate nostril breathing
  • do an art project
  • garden
  • do a crossword puzzle
  • join  book club or local group
  • send a care package or card
  • bake a new dessert

This list from has a great list with so many creative options!

Understand that sometimes your activities will change. I have ones that change with seasons of life or during periods of high stress. Don’t feel like you need to pick a list of 5 – 7 activities and do them all the time, never trying anything new. Your self-care routine is unique to you and should fit in with your life!

Just a few fun things for October!

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How was your weekend?! I hope it was amazing! Friday was pretty good – Target run, meeting, work stuff and This Is Us. I just LOVE this show, so much. I’m so glad it’s back! Friday night, one of our friends hosted a Drag Show in town and we went out to support. It was my first one and it was quite fun and entertaining. I did drink alcohol at this event, so when I got sick when I got home and felt like death the next morning, I figured it could have been a hangover, even though I didn’t drink that much. But, I was out the entire day, feeling like death, barely able to move. I am pretty sure it was food poisoning. Whatever it was, it sucked!! I did get through an entire seasons worth of episodes of Downton Abbey and only have 3 episodes left of the series, so that was the only good part of Saturday. 

Sunday, I still wasn’t feeling 100%, but well enough to make a grocery run (I saved $12 using coupons! Woo!), do a little food prep, get my nails done and take Oscar on a couple of walks. I also finished season 1 of Serial and started episode 1 of Undisclosed…because I NEEEEEED to know if Adnan is guilty!

Looking forward to a good week and all kinds of fun things coming to Burpees for Breakfast!


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What did you do this weekend?!