Dying to get your first pull-up, but can’t seem to get your chin over the bar? Nailed a couple pull-ups, but want more? Find out how band assisted pull-ups can help you up your game!

Band Assisted Pull-ups: The Benefits | Burpees for Breakfast

Band Assisted Pull-ups: The Benefits

Disclaimer: Thank you to Rep Fitness for providing pull-up bands for this post. I was provided with a pull-up band package in exchange for an honest review. As always, opinions are my own. 

No joke, pull-ups were on my New Year’s Fitness Goals list in 2014, 2015 and 2016. And the goal was not just 1, but 10, 15 and 5 respectively. It wasn’t until 2017 (I didn’t make a pull-up goal for 2017) that I finally got 6 unassisted – in a row!

Pull-ups are not an easy exercise and it’s one that alot of other women struggle with as well. It’s a move that needs work, consistency and practice. I’ll be sharing some of the different exercises and grip strength options in the Pull-ups Everyday Challenge (see more on this below!), but let’s review one tool that can provide some much needed assistance with your pull-ups.

Band Assisted Pull-ups: The Benefits | Burpees for Breakfast

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Band assisted pull-ups are a great way to help improve your pull-ups. Bands come in varying resistance and will give you an extra boost to get your chin over the bar. I like the band for 2 reasons:

Helps you understand what a pull-up should feel like. I’ve been there, struggling to get my chin over the bar, thinking I’m using my muscles in the correct way, only to find that I’m totally not! The band allows you to use correct form, helping you understand what muscles are working, while getting your chin over the bar into a full pull-up.

Helps you play with tempo. Now, if you’ve got a band helping you, depending on the resistance, it’s going to be really easy to get your chin over the bar. When I first tried the purple band, I felt like I could do pull-ups all day! Even though you have assistance, it’s important to still control the movement. Pausing at the bottom, holding at the top and taking a few seconds to lower back down (see video). If you can already perform a couple pull-ups, use the band to play around with tempo and time under tension.

A couple considerations

While band assisted pull-ups are nice, there are a couple things to consider. First, use proper form. The band is just providing assistance. If you are using it, it’s likely you want to be able to do an unassisted pull-up at some point. All your practicing should be done using correct form and acting as if you didn’t have assistance.

Second, don’t use the band for longer than you need. This is where mindset comes into play. The band can act as a security blanket. It makes things easy and feels comfortable. Don’t let it hold you back from performing unassisted pull-ups!


Rep Fitness was kind enough to send over a 3 pack of bands. I chose the light, medium and heavy so I could give you guys some good feedback. The purple is the lightest resistance and the thinnest band. It works well if you have just a straight bar for pull-ups. I’m able to do 4 pull-ups comfortably without the band. The resistance was still a bit much for me, but I was still able to use it to help me work on tempo.

Band Assisted Pull-ups: The Benefits | Burpees for Breakfast(photo source: Rep Fitness)

The green band is the medium resistance and the blue is the heaviest. Both are pretty thick and don’t do well on the straight pull-up bar at my gym. If you have access to a cable machine with 2 different pull-up grip options, the bands would work well. Essentially the band would fit over both handles and you would stand inside the band with both feet (the band would be in a circle/triangle). Also, if you have access to a rig or hammer rack, you could add the band to two bottom pegs. The band would be 2 layers (see photo) and you’d stand on it with both feet.

If you are interested in getting your own pull-up bands, Rep Fitness is giving all readers 5% off their purchase until October 14! They have a great assortment of other fitness equipment too! Use code: 5OFFB4B.

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Pull-ups Everyday Challenge | Burpees for BreakfastI’m getting pretttty excited about the Pull-ups Everyday Challenge. It’s a FREE 2 week pull-up challenge starting Sunday for ladies! If you’ve ever wanted to get your first pull-up or you are interested in improving on what you can already do, this is challenge is for you! Over the 2 weeks, we will be doing…pull-ups everyday. You’ll be creating your own goal and you’ll stay accountable via thread in The Burpees for Breakfast Squad. I’ll be sharing some tips on grip and mindset, and delivering 3 workouts (1 core and 2 back). It’s going to be a fun week and I’m pumped for my goal (15 per day in 3 sets of 5!).

You can sign up for the Pull-ups Everyday Challenge HERE!

What is on deck for you this weekend?! The Hubs is gone all weekend and I plan on doing ALL the business work! I have a FREE Holiday Habits Challenge coming up in November and I’m running a local Boot Camp in about 2 weeks that I need to prep for. Plus, I have all kinds of posts planned for October to get ready, including a THRILLER WORKOUT!

So, tell me:

Have you ever done band assisted pull-ups?
What is the hardest part of a pull-up, for you?!