I’m sharing 4 full body mobility exercises I do on an almost daily basis in my workout warm-ups. These moves will help enhance your workout and get your body prepped for movement.

4 Full Body Mobility Exercises | Burpees for Breakfast

4 Full Body Mobility Exercises For Your Warm-up

Hello! Happy Friday! How are you doing?!

I meant to get this post out first thing Monday but we took a spontaneous trip to Minnesota for Oktoberfest last weekend and didn’t get home until after 8p Sunday. There was no way to get photos taken and a post written, so today’s the day instead!

Since it’s Nourish Month (If you remember, all month long, each post will have the theme of Nourish – mind, body, soul. I’ve got recipes, workouts and more planned!), I knew sharing these full body mobility exercises that I do on an almost daily basis in my warm-up would be perfect. They are moves that help me nourish my body and get it ready to move in my workout.

I tend to be a creature of habit with my warm-up, but I switched things up a couple months ago after taking a week to do just yoga. I realized I needed more mobility / yoga type movements in my warm-up and these full body moves are the best combination!

Now, we’ve talked about the importance of a warm-up on the blog before, outlining the differences between a static warm-up and a dynamic warm-up. And we even went over some foam roller exercises that can be included in a warm-up or cool down.

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  • Mat


Complete 4 – 8 reps of each move, for 1 – 2 sets in your warm-up. I complete my quick dynamic warm-up, then move through all 4 exercises below, aiming for 4 reps of the first 2, then 8 reps of bird-dog on each side and 8 reps of each T-L-Y.


Pick 1 or all 4 to add to your warm-up

4 Full Body Mobility Exercises | Burpees for Breakfast


  • DOWNDOG-PLANK-PUSH-UP FLOW: Assume downdog position – pressing through hands, palms gripping mat, ribs down, butt up and heels drawing to the ground. As if your body is a wave, press through balls of feet and engage core to roll yourself into plank position. Lower down into a push-up. Press through chest into Upward Dog, then back into downdog.
  • CAT-COW FLOW: Come on to your hands and knees – wrists under shoulders, knees under hips. Shoulders should be back and down, chin tucked, pelvis tucked and back flat, core braced. On an inhale, arch back and lift chest. With the exhale, press through the mat to hunch and round back up. After ~4 reps, return to neutral. Imagine there is a circle around your belly. Move torso around the outside of the circle – arcing and hunching back as you move around.
  • BIRD-DOG: Come on to your hands and knees – wrists under shoulders, knees under hips. Shoulders should be back and down, chin tucked, pelvis tucked and back flat, core braced. Lift left leg up and out, while right arm moves up and own. There should be a straight line from your finger tips to your toes. Return to start and repeat.
  • T-L-Y: Lie on belly, with toes curled. Roll shoulders back and down, so shoulder blades are on your back. Keep chin tucked. With shoulder blades on your back, move your arms out into a T shape. Squeeze shoulder blades together, like you have a coin or card in between your shoulder blades, moving arms up and down. For the L, start in the same way, but instead of the T position, bend at the elbows to form two L’s. From the shoulder blades, press up and pull down. For the Y, start in the same way, but move arms into a Y position. Pull down from the shoulder blades and bring elbows into body.

Watch a (very poor quality-sorry) video demo here!

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Tell me about your weekend plans! No random trips planned. I have Toastmasters this morning (I give my first speech next week!!), followed by a coffee date with a new friend. I’m hoping to organize my life, aka. do business work during the day and then I’m headed to meet my bestie for coffee this eve, since we didn’t last weekend. Saturday, I teach a class in my Bootcamp Games series and the Hubs and I have a pumpkin patch / apple orchard date! Sunday will be church and food prep.

Oh, I forgot, we are doing Whole30! Hah. We started Wednesday and have done really well, but it’s time to actually prep food for the week! The Hubs is doing okay…he’s a SERIOUS sugar burner! He’s drinking Arbonne Fizz Sticks, which are not compliant, but that’s okay. It’s kind of a big deal for him to give up as much as he is, so keeping 1 thing is fine by me!


Do you add any mobility moves to your workouts?
What are you weekend plans?!