The holiday’s are a busy time and it can tough to stay on track with our workouts, nutrition and self-care. Why not make a change this year? Implement simple, healthy habits to help you stay on track AND nourish your body over the holiday season with the Holiday Nourish Challenge!

Create Healthy Holiday Habits & Nourish Your Body | Burpees for Breakfast

Create Healthy Holiday Habits & Nourish Your Body

Hi! Happy Monday! How was your weekend!? I’ll share my recap below!

The Pull-ups Everyday Challenge was a SUCCESS! For the past 2 weeks, 30 women have been working on becoming Badass Pull-up Unicorns and they rocked it! Now that November is almost here – how crazy – it’s time for the next challenge! The Holiday Nourish Challenge kicks off next Wednesday – November 1!

I’ve been wanting to do a challenge like this for a while. Last month, I was at a girls weekend and asked some of the gals if they’d be interested. One of them suggested doing a point based challenge and the competitive side of me said HECK YES!

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The holidays can mean FULL days. I know for me, that once November hits, it’s going to be really full.The thing is, there is always going to the something that makes it difficult for us to take time to care for ourselves. That doesn’t make self-care any less important. One way to make sure you are prepared for the fullness the holidays bring is to…prepare.

And that’s what we are doing with the Holiday Nourish Challenge! So, what is it and why should you join it?!


This is a point-based challenge designed to help you implement healthy habits that will help you stay on track and nourish your body over the holiday season.

The challenge is broken up into 3.5 weeks. There is a theme each week (see below). Each week you will be issued a challenge to complete throughout the week (ex. pick a new self-care activity and do it this week).

Along with the weekly challenge, you have optional mini daily challenges (ex. do alternate nostril breathing for at least 1 – 2 minutes). Completing weekly & optional daily challenges will earn you points. Earning more points makes you eligible for prizes! We all like free things, right?!

Tallying of points will be based on participation in the daily / weekly thread in the The Burpees for Breakfast Squad. Each week, you’ll receive an email with the Weekly + Daily Challenges, but everything else will be done in The Squad.

CHALLENGE DATES: November 1 – 25


  • November 1 – 4: Mindset
  • November 5 – 11: Self-care
  • November 12 – 18: Nutrition
  • November 19 – 25: Fitness + FIIT in 25 Challenge

Thanks to our amazing sponsors Vital Proteins, Senita Athletics and Revival Food Co. for providing some SWEET prizes!

The challenge is going to be so fun and the prizes – so good! All the challenge activities will be simple, but will also (hopefully) challenge you. The goal is for this to NOT be another thing to add your todo list, but an opportunity to find out what healthy habits you need to implement to make your holiday season enjoyable!


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How was your weekend?! Friday was Toastmasters, business stuff, Gilmore Girls and couch time because cramps, and a dinner date with my bestie. Saturday I taught my Bootcamp class and did some pull-ups at the gym. The Hubs and I planned to go to the pumpkin patch and run a few errands, but I had cramps and he was short on energy thanks to Whole30. I didn’t want to drive to our normal pumpkin picking spot, so we tried 2 spots on the way to errands and they were not good. So we ran errands and came home to eat food. Mr. Burpee had a bit of a hanger fit during the Aldi trip! Hah! I attempted to do work for the afternoon and got a bit in between moves and laying on the couch. #cramps.

Sunday was sleeping in and being lazy before ALL THE FOOD PREP, house cleaning, laundry and then collapsing in bed to work a bit before continuing to watch Hunger Games. Whole30 and Moon Time make it rather hard to be productive.

I’ve got a few meetings this week in the morning and a female entrepreneur event tomorrow. I’m already getting all kinds of busy slash full (I don’t like using busy. I’m trying to use FULL or PRODUCTIVE or something instead) these days, so I need to start implementing some healthy habits ASAP!


What are some ways you nourish your body for the holidays?!
What did you do this weekend?!