Love Michael Jackson’s Thriller? Looking for a workout that will get you sweating along to the beat? This Mini Band Thriller Workout is just what you need!

Mini Band Bodyweight Thriller Workout | Burpees for Breakfast

Mini Band Bodyweight Thriller Workout

Good Morning! Happy Friday!

So, I’m pretty pumped about today’s workout. I’m a big fan of Thriller and I’ve wanted to create a Thriller Workout for the blog for the past few years. I clearly never did it. I’ve also wanted to learn the Thriller dance for a hot minute, but yet another year goes by.

I got the idea of this a few weeks ago and was surprised to only find a couple videos on YouTube that were workout moves choreographed to the song. I knew I had to rise to the occasion. You can thank an hour and half long drive to meet my bestie for Chipotle and Starbucks because that’s where this workout was born.

This Thriller workout is bit different than my normal workouts, in that it’s choreographed to the song, which made it slightly difficult to create a Pinterest graphic. However, I managed. The video will help out with timing of each move as well. I had the song playing on my speaker outside, but so many trucks went by that I couldn’t use the audio. It took a good 5 – 7 minutes to get timing of the song to match the moves – and it’s even still slightly off – but we are making it work!

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  • Mat
  • Mini Loop Resistance Band


Follow video and graphic below for cues. The exercise description has RX reps.


It’s okay if your moves are slightly off. Just go with it and have fun!

Mini Band Bodyweight Thriller Workout | Burpees for Breakfast


  • BANDED WALKS: Place band around quads. Get low in a squat. Take very small steps forward, grounding through heels, keeping glutes tight, and pushing off the back foot. After taking about10 steps in one direction, go in the other direction. Focus on driving through heels and pushing knees out against the band.
  • GLUTE KICKBACKS: With band just above ankles, place all weight on left foot, engaging glute, keeping shoulders back and down. Engaging right glute, lift leg slighty and press back. You’ll aim for 7 on each side.
  • SQUATS: With band around knees, stand with shoulders back and down, pelvis tucked, glutes tight and dumbbell at chest, lower into a squat. Drive through heels and engage quads to stand. Aim for 7-4 ct squats.
  • TRAVELING SQUAT JUMPS: With shoulders back and down, core tight, pelvis slightly tucked and knees slightly bent. With feet about hip width apart and feet pointed out slightly, come down into a squat, and drive through heels to jump forward. Press knees out at the bottom and use inner thighs to stand, and jump. Aim for 7 traveling jumps.
  • PLANK WALKS: Move up and down from hand plank to elbow plank. Keep feet wide, pelvis tucked and glutes tight to prevent hips from wagging back and forth. 2 plank walks total.
  • PLANK JACKS: Assume Hand or Elbow Plank position. Engaging core and pushing through hands or forearms, hop feet out like a jack. 4 jacks total.
  • PUSH-UPS: Assume hand plank position (wrists under shoulders, fingers spread wide – gripping mat, heels shooting to the back of the room, core tight, pelvis slightly tucked). Perform a push-up. 7 push-ups, then shoulder taps, then 3 push-ups.
  • PLANK SHOULDER TAPS: Assume plank position with legs wide. Lift right hand to left shoulder, left hand to right shoulder. Aim for roughly 12 on each side.
  • Coming into an athletic stance, squeeze glutes and inner thighs, bracing core. Elevate one leg that will move back and forth, along with arms, while standing leg remains in squat position. Aim for 4 slow sprinters on each side.
  • STANDING SIDE CRUNCHES: Stand upright with shoulders back and down, core engaged, glutes tight, grounding through heels. Use obliques to lean to one side, then the other. Aim for 7 reps on each side.
  • SUPERWOMAN: Lay on your belly, with arms and legs stretched out. Actively engage core, glutes, and lower back muscles, as you lift your chest and arms (and legs) off the ground. Squeeze at the top, and return to start. Aim for 4 – 6 total.
  • BEAR CRAWL: Assume tabletop position (wrists under shoulders, fingers spread wide – gripping mat, knees under hips). Curl toes under and lift knees slightly. Keeping back FLAT and BUTT DOWN, move forward, moving left arm and right leg. Aim for 7 crawls forward and 7 back.

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Happy Weekend! By the time you read this, I will have given my first Icebreaker speech at Toastmasters! Woo! Today, I’ve also got a coffee date, a work meeting and will be working ahead on all the blog things for the next month. This weekend is pretty low key, other than church and Whole30 meal prep, so I’m going to take it as an opportunity to get ahead on all the things!


Have you ever done a Thriller workout?!
What are you weekend plans?!