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Make Healthy Living Fit Your Life

HI! Happy Monday! Did you have a good weekend!?!

Today, we are talking fitting healthy living into your life. I’ve been living healthy for about 5 years not. It’s been a fun and crazy journey, filled with ups and downs. And lots of trial and error.

There are so many awesome examples out there of people rocking their healthy living jounrye. If you’re anything like me, you’ve tried things other people recommended, hoping you’d achieve the same results as they did. And, if you’re like me, what worked for other people doesn’t always work for you.

The truth is: There is no secret sauce when it comes to healthy living. 

What works for you, might not work fo rme and vice versa. So, where do we start?

How about these tips?


Where you are just starting your journey or you’ve been doing it for a few years, it’s easy to get caught up in wanting to do all the things. Sometimes because other people claim X thing is the best.

We can try things other people recommend, yes. I know I certainly did. But you can’t do everything. What are your priorities? What makes you feel your best? What way of eating makes YOU feel good? What exercises/workouts do YOU enjoy? Do you really need to have that magical unicorn-narwhal latte every morning or would a cup of coffee + a probiotic suffice?

It’s important to realize that priorities will be different, based on your season of life. So, my recommendation is to create baseline priorities. Things that you will do for YOU, no mater how busy or stressfully or crazy life gets.

Here are mine:

Fitness: Workout 2 – 3 days per week. Ideally lifting and mobility work. I won’t be afriad to take extra rest and listen to my body.

Nutrition: Carbs, proteins & fats at every meal. Unlimited veggies. Homemade, healthy meals at least 80% of the time. I’m more than willing to enjoy sweets or treats when the time comes.

Self-care: At least 1 self-care activity each day – usually walking and quiet time. I can’t give my best to other people if I don’t give my best to myself.

PRACTICAL ACTION STEP: Define your priorities. Write down your baseline priorities for fitness, nutrition, self-care, sleep, etc. Keep it someplace where you can see it all the time until it becomes second nature.


Learning about my personality, how I operate, how I can be successful, areas where I might need a little accountability, has done wonders for my healthy living journey. After my first elimination diet, I did ALOT more. Some were recommended by my dietician and some weere because I felt like I needed to ‘be healthier’ or be a ‘cleaner eater.’ I’d end up either not finishing, or feeling guilty for ‘cheating.’

I read Better Than Before and realized I was a Moderator. It was a game changer for me and helped me realize why I always failed my elimination diets. I will say, I haven’t quit or eaten non-compliant foods on Whole30 – but more on that Friday.

PRACTICAL ACTION STEP: Get to know yourself. Read books on personalities and forming habits and reaching goals. The more you understand yourself, the easier it is to make healthy living fit your life.


I’m a self-proclaimed, recovering Type-A, overachieving perfectionist. When it came to healthy living – nutrition and fitness, specifically – I wanted to give the appearance of perfection, especially as a blogger and personal trainer. Aiming for perfection will lead to failure, at some point.

When I started prioritizing things in my life and stopped trying to be perfect, healthy living became easier. I started owning my food choices, giving myself permission to take extra days off at the gym and relaxing.

Soon enough, I felt better. I didn’t have to try as hard. Things fell into place. I didn’t lose my progress at the gym when I skipped. I ate sweets and treats in moderation. I never got the feeling that I needed to ‘start over’ with healthy eating after enjoy extra sweets.

What are areas of your life where you are trying to be perfect? Why are you trying to be perfect? What do you think will happen if you chill out a bit? What do you think will ACTUALLY happen if you chill out?

PRACTICAL ACTION STEP: Write down 1 area of your life that your stressing and obsessing over. Why are you stressing and obsessing? What will happen – honestly, what is the WORST CASE SCENARIO – that will happen if you chill out?


It’s easy to read the things above, right? But, how can you put them into action? You gotta TRY things.

A few years ago, anytime I gave myself a day off at the gym, I’d end up doing something anyway. What’s a 3 mile run every so often? I had to make an active choice to rest. Once I was able to do that, I wanted to try more than one off day. So, I tried it. I wasn’t sure what would happen, but it sure felt like my body could use the extra rest.

You might not know exactly what will happen when you make the choice to stop obsessing over cutting out sweets or enjoying cake or taking extra days off from the gym. You just have to try it.

It might also suck the first time you try it. And you might not be sure it’s the right step. When I stopped obsessing over sweets, I let myself enjoy a pint of ice cream, eating the whole pint and not caring one bit. These days, I can enjoy a 1/4 or a 1/3 of the pint and be done. No need to eat the whole pint every time.

You need to make the choice to try. You need to be okay with the fact that it might not work out like you plan. You need to be okay with tweaking – with trial and error.

PRACTICAL ACTION STEP: Think back to your priorities and things you can’t stop stressing & obsessing over. How can you take action? Let say you want to work on taking consistent rest days each week? You can either take 1 – 2 rest days cold turkey OR you could take an active rest day and a full rest day. Or active rest and focus on mobility, walking or yoga. Take baby steps, but just take action!

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How was the weekend? What did you do? My Bestie was in town this weekend and we did some shopping, some {Christmas} movie watching, some crafting and lots of Christmas music listening! It was super fun!

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How do you fit healthy living into your life?
What did you do this weekend?!