Mrs. and Mr. Burpee did Whole30. Find out how we did and what our plans are post program!

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Whole30 Recap & Thoughts


Happy Friday! It’s a super exciting day because it’s my first day post day job AND our first official day post-Whole30!! The Hubs and I have a day of shopping planned, starting with an almond milk latte!! Today, I’m sharing my Whole30 recap! If you don’t want to read it all, there is a TL;DR at the bottom.

Now, I swore I’d never do another elimination diet, unless it was prescribed by my dietitian. I went on yo-yo elimination diets for a good while after my first one to heal my gut – a few prescribed and a few because I felt like I needed to do them. When I discovered I was more of a Moderator and really started working on my relationship with food, I realized there was really never a need to do a ‘detox’ or another elimination diet, unless it was for healing purposes.

Before we started Whole30, I’d been having some abnormal gut issues. My intake of gluten/sugar type foods had increased a bit, but not enough for my gut to be off. I saw a bunch of people doing Whole30 on Instagram and the Hubs had mentioned on more than one occasion that he would like to ‘be less people’, so all that, in combination with my gut issues, it seemed like a good time to do a round of Whole30. I asked him if he wanted to join me on Monday, thinking he would laugh and say no. However, he agreed and we started Wednesday.

Whole30 Goal

Me: The main goal for me in doing Whole30 was to see if it would help resolve my gut issues, which is part of the reason I think I stuck with it. I’ve also done a lot of work on my relationship with food and that put me in the right frame of mind to be able to do the program.

Mr. Burpee: He wanted to loose a little bit of weight, establish some better eating habits and…I make the food, so he eats what I make.


Day 1 – 5: Energy level is good, even though was my Moon Time. I thought that Whole30 will be a piece of cake at this point. It honestly didn’t seem like a huge change in my diet – I cut out gluten free grains and sugars.

Day 8/9 – Day 18: Energy levels DOWN. I was so exhausted. All I wanted to do was sit on the couch and watch Gilmore Girls…which is what I did. My workouts were pretty cruddy and I basically thought I’d never feel like myself again.

Day 15: Had a pretty rough gut day and highly considered stopping early.

Day 17: I go to the doctor and find out I need to be on a 5 day dose of antibiotics. My body NEVER reacts will to antibiotics and with my history of candida, well, it made me really upset. Yet thankful that I’d been on Whole30. I decided to stay on it through my round of antibiotics.

Day 18: I went to visit my girlfriends for lunch. It was a 2 hour drive there and a 2 hour drive back. When I got home, I was dead. My energy levels were just the worst. I did a little research on cortisol levels and Whole30. I remembered that the last time I dealt with adrenal fatigue, I was eating lower carb and doing a bit of intermittent fasting – both of which I was currently doing. I found the supplements I was taking when I was healing from adrenal fatigue and took those.

Day 19: Antibiotics start. I’ve stocked up on some extra probiotics and made a point of putting some extra self-care practices in place to keep stress levels down. This includes sitting on the couch watching Gilmore Girls and going on walks.

Day 20: Started feeling better. I don’t know if it was the supplements working or that my body was finally getting used to Whole30, but Day 20 started looking better.

Day 21: I tweak my SI Joint and can’t/don’t workout for the week. Give the body some extra rest.

Day 25: Spent the day with my bestie and mom/sister. I realized that Mr. Burpee and I had pretty much been living in a Whole30 bubble. Everything they ate was off limits and I knew that if we’d gone out with friends or ventured outside of our apartment more over the past 30 days that it would have been tough to stay on track. I made chili for everyone on Day 25 and stayed on track.

Day 27: I woke up before my alarm – around 6:30am. Up to this point, it’s been a struggle to get out of bed. Part of the other reason why I took the adrenal supplement is because I was dead all morning until about 3pm, but not tired until 11 or 12. Totally not me. I’m usually up between 5:30 – 6:30am and to be by 9:30-10:30. Again, not sure if it’s the supplements, which I haven’t take since Day 24 because I forgot them when I stayed at my parents house OR that my body is finally used to Whole30. Either way, I’m glad I’m finally feeling better.

Day 30: Yesterday. It was a pretty uneventful day, other than going for sushi last night. Mr. Burpee got the dates mixed up and scheduled a dinner with our friend last night instead of tonight, so we ended 1 meal shy of the full 30 days. Mr. Burpee broke out his candy after lunch. Instead of eating an entire mini bag of gummy worms, he only ate 4. And only had 3 Reese cups. He said he didn’t go ham because he didn’t feel the need. #HUGEWIN

Mr. Burpee: He felt pretty low on energy the whole time.

Non-Compliant Meals

Me: Almond Milk + EAA’s. In the first couple days, I did finish up some non-compliant deli meat, as I had just purchased it a few days prior and didn’t want to completely throw it away. I also used almond milk maybe twice, but only about a tablespoon or two. It was much easier to use leftover almond milk for the two recipes. And I had EAA’s the first couple days as I hoped I’d be able to continue lifting heavy…that didn’t work so well.

Mr. Burpee: Arbonne Fizz Sticks + EAAs. He doesn’t like coffee and is a SUGAR BURNER! He needed a little something to keep his energy up, so he had a Fizz Stick and EAA’s nearly every day.

Eating Out

Me: I ate out twice. Once at Chipotle – no beans or rice. It was gross. Once at Qdoba – no beans or rice. It was delish.

Mr. Burpee: No meals out!

Favorite Meals

We ate the same thing nearly every week. Usually egg hash for breakfast – eaten right out of the pan, some kind of leftovers for lunch. Dinner favorites included: mushroom + meat chili w/sweet potatoes or plantains and guac, PaleOMG’s Chicken Bacon Ranch Casserole, Cotter Crunch’s Tuna Zoodle Casserole, broiled salmon w/veggies + a carb, meat + marinara sauce w/plantains or white potatoes. We also had lots of chicken sausage, grapes and bananas.

New Discoveries

ALDI. I’ve been to Aldi before but I really became a huge fan during Whole30. They have a good amount of Whole30 compliant foods – including THE BEST marinara sauce. And everything is such a great price. Here are a few things we bought every week:

  • Marinara Sauce
  • Tomato Sauce (for chili)
  • Mushrooms
  • Box greens (spinach and/or mixed greens)
  • Grapes (like 3 bags per week)
  • Sweet potatoes
  • Zucchini
  • Guac packets (SERIOUSLY, so amazing. We didn’t buy avocado at all. Just used these packets)
  • Frozen Wild Caught Salmon (I am always skeptical of fish, especially frozen fish, but it’s so good!)

Foods we will avoid because we ate them too much

Me: Maybe I’ll cut back on eggs, but no real aversions. Grapes really didn’t agree with my gut. Really, fruit in general doesn’t make my gut happy. I rarely eat any, aside from a banana, when I’m not on Whole30, so I’m likely going right back to that.

Mr. Burpee: Eggs. On Monday he said he almost couldn’t eat breakfast because he was so sick of eggs.


Me: My gut/bowels were off nearly the entire time. I know the antibiotics didn’t help. This week, along with my energy levels being back to normal, my bowels are also back to normal. Woo! Pants fit looser, but scale didn’t show any changes (I only weighed myself this week just to see if there was a change. I rarely weigh myself because the scale sucks!)

Mr. Burpee: He made it the entire 30 days. Ask anyone that know him and they just might not believe you. He stayed pretty compliant the entire time as well. He also lost 14 pounds.

Post Whole30 Plans

We were on a walk Tuesday with Oscar and Mr. Burpee said something along the lines of – we are just going to continue eating this way after the 30 days and just add in some of the carbs we like, right? By carbs, he means rice. He said he didn’t mind it, as long as he could have some rice and chips each week. I was a bit taken aback by his thoughts, but honestly, pretty happy.

We are not 100% on the same page when it comes to nutrition. He has slloooowwlly come around over the past few years, but he definitely does his own thing sometimes. I think doing Whole30 helped him see how his body composition could change if he cuts back on the sugar train. And, I think he also realized he could eat treats in moderation / life wasn’t that terrible without them.

We plan to continue Whole30 + certain grains / eat the way I was eating before – with some treats when needed.

Will we do another Whole30?

Never say never, right? I have no plans to do one again anytime soon. If we do one again, it would probably be in junction with trying to heal some gut issues.


Like I said, I don’t really see the need to do an elimination style diet – unless prescribed – if you are following Intuitive Eating principles and have a good relationship with food. And I’ve said before that I would never do a Whole30.

All that to say, I’m glad I did it, especially since I work with clients on their nutrition. I can speak from experience. It helped me tune into my body more by taking much more rest than normal. It also reinforced that I’m happy with my relationship with food, the foods I choose to eat and the way those foods make me feel.

I like having the option to eat all foods, without feeling like I have to eat them all the time. We couldn’t have pancakes or a chai latte or french fries. It’s not like I eat them all the time, but I want don’t want to feel restricted from eating them. Even though I tend to stay away from gluten and dairy, there are still times when I have them in moderation – especially around Christmas time

Is Whole30 for everyone?

I’d say yes, but…make sure you go into it with the right frame of mind. If it’s only for weight loss or body composition change, I’m not sure it would be successful. I think it’s a great starting point for people looking to clean up their diet or heal gut issues if they need a plan to follow.

TL;DR: We both had super low energy nearly the entire time. We made it through all 30 days. We will probably continue eating like this as a base, with the addition on rice + treats when needed.

Weekend plans! Tell me! Today also is the first day of 10 DAYS OF VACATION for me! I don’t start with Burn Boot Camp until the 27th and my last day at my job was yesterday! Whatever will I do with all the time off, especially since I put up both tree’s yesterday! Planning to study for my CES exam, organize my workouts into a binder and relax!


Have you ever done Whole30?
What did you think?
What are you weekend plan?!