This full body dumbbell workout is perfect for at home OR the gym. You’ll need just a mat and one set of dumbbells. Only takes 20 minutes!

Full Body Dumbbell Workout | Burpees for Breakfast

Full Body Dumbbell Workout + Senita Discount


It’s Thanksgiving Week!! I had my last day at work on Thursday, so I have this ENTIRE week to be productive, get ahead on things and relax. Plus, Thanksgiving! I’m so excited!

Because I know this week can be busy for a lot of people, I wanted to create a few workouts that a quick, yet effective! This is one of them. All you need is a set of dumbbells – mid to heavy weight – a timer, and a mat! Super simple.

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  • Mat
  • Mid – Heavy Dumbbells


Set up timer for :45s work | :15s rest | 20 rounds. You’ll complete all 5 rounds of the 4 exercises below.


For beginners, lower work interval and increase rest. For example: :30s work | :30s rest.
If you have more time, add a couple more rounds. If you are short on time, cut it back 1 – 2 rounds.

Full Body Dumbbell Workout | Burpees for Breakfast


  • REVERSE LUNGES: Stand upright, shoulders back and down, with pelvis slightly tucked, weights in both hands at your sides. Drive through left heel as right foot steps behind into a lunge, both knees at 90 degrees. Lean slightly forward for greater glute activation. Drive through left heel to stand.
  • RESISTANCE BAND PULL APARTS: Stand upright, shoulders back and down, with pelvis slightly tucked, band in both hands. Wrap band around hands a couple times. Raise arms in front of you, just parallel to the ground. Pull band apart, moving arms out laterally to the side, squeezing shoulder blades as arms straighten out.
  • ROMANIAN DEADLIFT w/ALT. ROW: With dumbbells in hand, stand with feet hip width apart, shoulders back and down (think putting them in your back pocket) and lats engaged (think about having an orange under each armpit). Pelvis slightly tucked and core muscles engaged (breathe in, the out, squeezing abdominals together). With knees slightly bent, hinge at the hips, sticking your butt back, keeping knees slightly bent and back as straight as possible. Stop when you feel tension in your hamstrings – you might NOT get your back to parallel. At the bottom, leading with elbow, row on the right side, squeezing back muscles at the top. As you lower the right arm, row back the left. Drive through heels and squeeze glutes as you stand.
  • DEADBUG: Lay on ground with knees at 90 degrees, neck neutral, arms at your side. Tuck pelvis, engage core muscles and press ribs down as you exhale, to allow entire back to touch the ground. Lift legs so there is a 90 degree angle at the hip and knees. Lift head, keeping chin tucked, so shoulders are touching the ground. Arms should be straight up. Very slowly, lower opposite arm and leg to just hover over the ground, exhaling on the way down. Return to starting position and repeat.

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Full Body Dumbbell Workout | Burpees for BreakfastLet’s talk about this outfit, shall we?! Senita has some super cute new items and I got my hands on the Madelyn Pant and the Blue Strip High Neck Sports Bra. Love the sports bra. It’s got a good layer of padding and makes my girls look bigger than they actually are. #win

Full Body Dumbbell Workout | Burpees for BreakfastThe pants. I’m pretty picky about my leggings. I need them to fit snuggly, allow me to move through my workout without restriction AND be comfy. These leggings fit the bill. High waisted leggings are my favorite, which these are also. Love the style too – how freaking cute. My only complaint is crotch sweat – not super visible, but you can definitely see it. Not a huge deal.

Full Body Dumbbell Workout | Burpees for BreakfastI’m wearing a small in both and they fit so well. I’ve also got my eye on the Dominate Sports Bra and the HIIT Pants. Like, LOVE!

The good news is that Senita is sharing a discount so you can purchase some new gear! Use code holidayburpees until November 22!

How was your weekend?! Friday, the Hubs and I did a bit of shopping and hanging out. Really, that’s what we did most of the weekend. I was on the couch with cramps a good portion of the weekend and I did a little painting.  I’m looking forward to the week and getting stuff done!



What did you do this weekend?!