This 20 min Slam Ball EMOM Workout is perfect for a quick, yet effective Black Friday Workout. All you need is slam ball or medicine ball and a timer. 

20 Min Slam Ball EMOM Workout | Burpees for Breakfast

20 Min Slam Ball EMOM Workout + BLACK FRIDAY SALE

Hi! Happy Black Friday!

How was your Thanksgiving? Any extra special foods you enjoyed? Our Thanksgiving was great. We spent most of the day at my family’s house – watching the parade, enjoying food + drinks, watching White Christmas. We spent a couple hours with Mr. Burpees family for dinner too!

Where my Black Friday shoppers at?! I’m not usually one to go crazy on Black Friday – since it’s almost 9am and I haven’t gotten out of my pajama’s! I think Mr. Burpee and I are going to try to venture out this afternoon. I’m out of town for a week in December and I’ll be working full time with Burn Boot Camp Fishers, which has me thinking December will be super full. My hope is to get ahead on Christmas shopping this year and knock a good portion out in the next few days!

This Slam Ball EMOM Workout is PERFECT if you are in need of a quick & effective workout, so you can maximize your shopping time. It’s only 20 minutes. You’ll need just a few pieces of equipment. And it’s self-paced.

I love EMOM’s because they allow you to work at your own pace, while still getting in a solid workout.

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  • Mat
  • Timer
  • Slam Ball*


Complete RX reps of each move, every 2 minutes, for 20 minutes. Rest if any time is leftover. Ex: Min 1 – 2 complete exercise A. If time is left, rest. Min 3 – 4, complete exercise B. If time is left, rest.


If you don’t have a slam ball, a medicine ball will work as well!20 Min Slam Ball EMOM Workout | Burpees for Breakfast


  • DEADLIFT CLEAN THRUSTER: Stand upright, shoulders back and down, with pelvis slightly tucked, perform a hip hinge, keeping back flat and butt pushing back. Pick up ball with both hands, while keeping lats tight and driving through heels + squeezing glutes on the way up. On the up, toss the ball into the air slightly, catching it in a low squat position. Drive through heels and squeeze glutes to stand all the way, tossing the ball overhead at the lockout position. Catch ball and place back on the ground. Repeat for 10 reps.
  • PLANK JACKS TO PUSH-UPS: In plank, hand should be suction cupped to the ground, pressing through the palm and fingertips, not just the wrist. Think about that standing posture – pelvis should be tucked, core engaged, shoulders back and down. Squeeze the glutes and quads. Shoot the heels to the back of the room, while on the balls of your feet. Complete 4 plank jacks, hopping or stepping feet out and back to the midline. After 4 jacks, complete 2 push-ups. Repeat for 10 reps.
  • CRUNCHES: Laying on your back, with ball overhead, knees bent, feet pressing into the mat and lower back pressed to the ground, use abdominal muscles to bring your torso + the ball up. Back should be flat. Use abdominals to lower back down. Repeat for 10 reps.
  • TWISTING SLAMS: Hold ball at chest height, feet spread slightly more than hip width apart, feet pointed out slightly. Raise ball overhead, keeping core engaged to avoid a hyperextended back. Twist upper body and ball slightly to the right. Throw or SLAM ball on the ground, using lats, upper back and chest muscles. Watch out if the ball bounces – don’t hit yourself in the face! Pick up and repeat, slamming the ball down to the left. Repeat 10 times on each side.

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Planning on getting this workout in at some point today! Just a few more days off before starting with Burn Boot Camp Fishers!!


Are you going to try this Slam Ball EMOM Workout?!
What are your Black Friday plans?