If we were having a coffee date today…I’d have so many things to tell you! And I’d want to hear about all the awesome things going on in your life!

If we were having a coffee date | Burpees for Breakfast

If we were having a coffee date today…

Hi. Hey. Hello. It’s been a {very} long time!

How have you been? What’s been going on in your life? We haven’t talked much since the end of November and I’m sure you have some big updates. Don’t forget to share them in the comments or message me!

So. Many. Things. to share with you. Grab that coffee (or tea, pick whatever you fancy) and let’s start chatting!

I’m so freaking excited to be back in this space. I wanted to come back so many times since November, but it just never felt right. I was either too tired or too busy or had no idea what to write. I knew I couldn’t get back to this space consistently either, so I decided to wait until it felt right. I planned to have this date last week – the first week back to full-time entrepreneur life – but my gut was telling me it would be just fine to wait until today.

Uh, yeah. Full-time entrepreneur life. Last time I posted, I was getting ready to start working as the Head Trainer of Burn Boot Camp, which means I’m sure you are wanting the full scoop! I shared a bit on social media, but I waited for this post to be able to share the full story.

Taking the job as Head Trainer was the right choice for me, at the time. I wrestled with the decision for a few weeks, but ultimately decided to jump in. The first week of December I was in (a VERY cold) North Carolina for training, which was incredible and exhausting at the same time. When I got back, I went full force with helping get the gym ready to open. This meant handing out fliers to businesses in the area, doing pop-up camps, cleaning the gym, unpacking equipment and lying carpet tiles in our childcare room. December was a whirlwind and I was so glad I put up our tree in early November because I had hardly any time for anything. I also was sick – twice – for the first time in years. #NotFun

We opened the gym the second week in January and life got even crazier. For the first 30 days, I was supposed to train a majority of the camps we had each day – 9 total. And training camps isn’t just like teaching your average group fitness class. It’s like doing a group fitness class times 100. You have to be full of energy and encouragement – and do personal training to correct form and such.

Our first camp started at 5:30am the first week and 5am was added the second week. We have 5, 5:30, 6:30, 7:30, 8:30, 9:30 AM camps and 4:30, 5:30, 6:30 PM camps. Which meant 3:30am wake up calls – so I could get to the gym and get set up and ready for the day (I live about 25-30 minutes away, depending on traffic), training all 6 morning camps, with 15 minute breaks between camps that were usually filled with at least 1 – usually multiple – meetings with clients to discuss nutrition & goals. I had a few hours at home mid-day that looked like: making breakfast, eating breakfast, laying in bed to watch a TV show, falling asleep for 1 – 2 hours, waking up feeling terrible, training evening camps, vacuuming & setting up for the next day and getting home for dinner by 9pm. And doing it all again. For 30 days.

Luckily by the second week, my support trainer took over 3 camps per day, which helped, but ya girl was still exhausted!

The 30 days came and went and we were leaving for our Jamaica trip a 2 weeks later (which was amazing by the way!), so my schedule didn’t change much until I got back. Which meant nearly 2 months of days that looked like that. Saturday, we have 3 camps in the morning, which I’d train, then go home to prep food for the week before crashing.

Once my schedule changed and I only handled 30 of our 48 camps, I felt like I could manage the schedule and workload. I’d respond to messages on Facebook and interact with members in our private Facebook group. I did a Facebook lives and a couple Facebook video series, along with office hours – an extra hour each week where I’d meet with members.

By the end of April / early May, I started noticing signs of adrenal fatigue. The main one being that I was super tired in the morning and then like clockwork, around 6 or 7pm, I’d get bursts of energy. I’d wake up at 3:30am even on the mornings that I didn’t need to be up that early. And taking benedryl or NyQuil was a weekly occurrence so I could sleep. And stress levels were not great.

The thing is, around this time, a lot of people told me how great my body looked and how my muscles were looking good. Little did they know that my workouts were almost non-existent because I never had energy and that my stress and lack of sleep were causing me to lose a bit of weight. I was basically just surviving – not thriving.

I also missed this space. I missed working with clients 1×1. I missed being my own boss.

So mid-May, I talked with the Hubs. Simply put, he agreed that my stepping down to go back to Burpees for Breakfast AND to help him with the admin side of his real estate company was the best plan. By mid-May, he was incredibly busy and to the point where he probably needed to hire someone part-time to help him manage things and stay on track.

In early June, I turned in my notice to my bosses and we decided that I’d keep a few camps per week. The ladies I work with at Burn were the only thing that kept me going some days. I absolutely love them and they were a huge factor in my decision to step down.

June came and went and I felt confident in the decision to step down. My body was not doing well. In addition to a couple injuries that came up a couple months prior (shoulder issue & a rib that kept slipping out of place), I apparently developed an intolerance for almond flour because I was SICK one Sunday/Monday and nearly got sick (thank goodness I didn’t) the following weekend.

Injury. Stress. Gut issues. Lack of sleep. Inconsistent workouts. Exhaustion.

These are all signs something in your life is not working out and you might just need a break.

My women were amazing when I told them the news. So supportive and so encouraging. The messages I received from them all but made me cry! I hate crying, remember?!

And here we are. I’m at the tail end of the second week into full-time girlboss life and I feel great. Not great as in all my injuries are better or that I’m not tired anymore or that my workouts are back to where they were in November (I am finally back to working out this week!). But great like, I have more freedom and I’m less hurried.

Life has been FULL. The Hubs has been going non-stop. I’m figuring out how to manage him, work with him and do my own stuff. But it’s been fun.

I’m working on giving myself grace in this new hustle. Last week, I had to remind myself that it hadn’t even been a week! The Type A in me wants to have everything in place for Burpees for Breakfast and for our real estate company like 2 days ago. I got back into posting to Instagram a couple weeks ago, just to get my feet wet. I created a business plan and what I want to do for BFB moving forward (more on that below). The Hubs and I made task lists of what needs to happen for the real estate company.

Tasks are written. Plans are being made. The desire to get shit done is there. But all that stuff from above – injury, stress, inconsistent workouts and sleep – all that stuff didn’t just go away on July 1. So, I’m just figuring it all out. Taking action, but giving myself a bit of grace.

Grace in the hustle has looked like: Watching Hart of Dixie – again. Buying under eye gel masks. Not setting an alarm. Not stressing about getting in workouts and enojy. Deciding to go a week without food prep (it went okay, but not sure I’ll make a habit of it). Going to the farmers market. Taking extra walks with Oscar. Enjoying chips and salsa.

Here’s the thing, even though I got burned out, I still learned things from Burn.

  • I like working for myself best. I like running the show, plain and simple.
  • Being a coach is far more than just giving clients a workout. I really already knew this going into the job, but this idea was reenforced. When you take the time to get to know your clients, you learn how to push them and when to back off, what exercises they need to fix muscle imbalances, and how they will react to your dumbbell weight suggestions before you even hand it off, a beautiful relationship is formed.
  • I learned how to be a better coach to a variety of different fitness levels. They all challenged me and kept me on my toes.
  • I learned what kind of coach I want to be. One that knows her shit, gives a bit of tough love, challenges her clients, and pushes them beyond what they believe they are able to do.
  • I learned what kind of client I want to work with. One that is ready to work hard and be challenged, one that doesn’t get caught up in excuses, and one that wants to get strong and be her best self.

The confident, badass that I’ve always known I was inside was finally unleashed. It’s hard to explain. I felt like for so long, I hid behind the fact that I’m an introvert, that doesn’t like small talk. Being head trainer forced me out that comfort zone and pushed me to be the women I knew I always was. Does that even make sense?

I also got this awesomely amazing haircut & color from one of my clients that pushed me a little further into the realm of confident, badass unicorn.

I’ve wondered on more than one occasion, what was the lesson I was supposed to learn from this experience?Obviously, I learned a good amount, but I was looking for this big picture – why did the Lord have me take this job? I came to two conclusions:

  1. The women I worked with needed me in their lives, for whatever reason. I hope it was to offer them support and encouragement – and to push them outside their comfort zones.
  2. I needed to learn a few things about being a coach and about myself, so I could get to this point.

I’ve worked on Burpees for Breakfast full force on two other occasions. Part of me feels like if I didn’t take the job at Burn, I would be farther along with things, rather than having lost momentum for 8 months. But at the same time, I was part of the journey. I feel like for the first time ever, I have a solidly clear vision of where I want to take the business, how to get there and what I want in the long term.

I shared this post on Instagram a week or so ago about savoring seasons of life and how the funny the Lords timing works. Our current season is FULL. We’ve got a lot going on, but it’s also a season of new beginnings and new possibilities and new dreams.

First up, the real estate company. Mr. Burpee has been super busy lately and I’m excited to get him organized. This month is filled with getting different automation systems set up for the property management side of things, learning Quickbooks enough to help keep the accounts current, figuring out how to take photos and videos of properties and list them, and working on social media things. The goal is to get as much of the business automated in the next month or two, so that I can work on things part-time, while he does property sales full-time.

For this baby, Burpees for Breakfast. I’m going back to personal training! After getting my Corrective Exercise Specialist Certification a few months ago, I knew I wanted to go back to personal training. I’ve gone through phase where I thought I wanted to do nutrition full-time, but corrective exercise is where I want to be!

Online 1×1 personal training is coming back. In personal 1×1 personal training is coming back, in limited supply. Nutrition coaching will be available in a limited supply. The blog will be getting a facelift and I’ll get back to a weekly posting schedule. And I’m hoping fitness classes have a small spot in my schedule, at some point.

I’ve got dreams of workshops, in person events and more. Just stay tuned.

Calendar task scheduling is making feel so productive. I’ve seen this method done before and I finally decided to try it: scheduling blocks of time on my calendar to complete tasks. I’ve always made excuses for why this method would never work for me, but it’s actually working REALLY WELL! I’ve been so much more productive in the past few days. We also use Asana to keep all our tasks organized and I’m digging it too.

The Hubs is attempting keto. I’m not doing it and not keeping good track of his macros, but he’s attempting. And he’s survived all week.

We got a cat named Mimosa. I had a couple cats growing up and then for a period of time, I wasn’t a cat fan. I become one again and we found Mimosa, Mimo for short. It took her a couple weeks to come out of her shell and she continues to get funnier everyday. The only thing she will currently play with is a hair tie. Oscar loved her those first few weeks, but now his over her charm. All we have to say is ‘Oscar, where is your kitty?’ and he will go find her. It’s so cute.

I did a photoshoot and know I want to be a model. The client that did my hair asked if I’d be willing to do a photoshoot for her, as she wanted to get some business marketing photos taken. I agreed. And then she showed me a photo of the black dress and balloons and I knew it was the real deal. I just can’t even with these photos. They came out so amazing. Shoutout to my girl Maggie for the hair and Caroline for the photos.

Mr. Burpee and I have 2 trips in August, one the works (for me) and I’m going to Germany in November. Our first trip is to a lake in NY for a volleyball tournament. I basically get to lay on the beach and read. And maybe do some work. I’m so pumped. Trip number two is to DC with friends (I’ll get to see Beth too!), and the third trip is a girls weekend with The Thugs. I cannot wait for the Germany trip. I’m going to my Omi – who is from Germany – two cousins and my sister. I got the choice to go to Germany or Cancun as my high school graduation gift from Omi and I stupidly chose Cancun. It was awesome, but I’d always wanted to go to Germany. Now I get the chance!

I’ll be back with new content THIS MONTH! Since my calendar task system is working well, I’m on a roll with my todo list and can’t wait to get content up here for you all! Be on the lookout this month!

Weekend plans include working a bit, farmers market and relaxing. Can’t wait.