Always feel like life is stressful and full of chaos. Learn how to find YOUR version of balance with these 5 simple tips!

5 Tips for Finding YOUR Version of Balance | Burpees for Breakfast

5 Tips for Finding YOUR Version of Balance

I was given the opportunity to work with Fit&Flirty through my partnership with Fit Approach. I received the product and discount code in exchange for an honest review. As always, all opinions are my own!

Things I know to be true (after trial and error):

+ living by a set of strict and rigid rules around your workouts, nutrition and self-care will only work until it doesn’t work anymore.

+ stressing and obsessing over your workouts and nutrition is likely just making things worse – and leaving you feeling stressed and obsessed all the time.

+ life is too short to not live your best life – especially if your best life includes breaks from the gym and doughnuts every now and then.

You want to eat healthy and put good things into your body. But somewhere along the lines you were led to believe that eating healthy means never consuming foods that might be labeled as ‘unhealthy’. You feel like your nutrition needs to be perfect in order for your body to look a certain way. Maybe you feel guilty if you miss a workout or feel like you need to go harder at your next workout to make up for it. Or maybe you struggle with just giving yourself a break – feeling like you always need to be working, always need to be doing something.

5 Tips for Finding YOUR Version of Balance | Burpees for Breakfast

Girlfriend, I get it. I’ve thought those exact things. I’ve behaved in the exact same way. It can get exhausting. And this way of thinking only works until it doesn’t anymore. Until you realize that maybe, just maybe, another way is possible.

I can’t pinpoint the moment my switch flipped. I’m guessing it was a slow burn that eventually turned into a flame.

I realized that this whole balance thing might be possible, if I created balance on my own terms. And I did.

Now, I feel like I’m on a mission to help other ladies, just like you, figure out how to find what balance looks like for themselves.

If you take one thing away from this post, take this: My version of balance will NOT look like your version of balance. Your version of balance might look like chaos to someone else. Find your version and own the crap out of it.

5 Tips for Finding YOUR Version of Balance | Burpees for Breakfast

How to find your own version of balance

First, realize creating balance is a mindset issue, first and foremost | If your life is so crazy that you are ALWAYS telling yourself you won’t be able to balance everything, you won’t be able to balance everything. If you are constantly forcing yourself to never miss a day at the gym without being open to the idea of taking a rest day, you will never allow yourself to take one – at least until your body forces rest. If you are unwilling to find a way to include treats you enjoy into your diet, you will be missing out on things that make you happy.

Get your mindset in the right space.

+ Figure out your priorities | I get that we all have lives that can sometimes be on the crazy side. We are entrepreneurs, high achieving women, some of you are mom’s. However, it’s important to identify your priorities for your current season of life. I’ve had clients that have kids, jobs, are caring for family members, YET want to see significant weight loss – without really focusing in on nutrition and only working out a few days per week.

Their goal isn’t impossible. But the expectations are unrealistic based on their current season of life and the work they can put in to reaching their goal.

What are your priorities for your current season of life? If it’s weight loss or muscle growth, your priorities need to be in line to help you reach those goals: quality nutrition, sleep and workouts.

Now, just because those are your priorities, doesn’t mean you cannot enjoy a treat – or a glass (or two) of champagne every so often.

+ Figure out what you enjoy doing | If you’ve been stuck in a life of rigid, self-imposed rules, it’s time to work on unclenching, in favor of enjoying. What makes you happy? Does a drink on the weekend with friends make your weekend better? Has a giant sprinkle doughnut been your favorite treat your entire life? Does the thought of taking an hour every night to read that beach novels instead of personal development or business books make you giddy excited? Do you crave a slow morning in which you sip coffee and go on a walk and just do nothing? Haven’t slept in past 6am in months and wishing you could do it for a week?!

High achievers, mom’s, girlbosses, hustlers – you were meant to enjoy life, which includes doing, drinking and eating things you enjoy!

No matter your priorities, you NEED to find a way to incorporate the things you enjoy into your life on a regular basis.

5 Tips for Finding YOUR Version of Balance | Burpees for Breakfast

+ Create a plan and implement | Time to put everything together. You figured out your priorities, you made a list of things you enjoy or that make you happy, you’ve had a talk with yourself about chilling out just a little to try this whole ‘balance’ thing – now we get to make a plan.

Don’t feel like you need to do everything on your list, every single week. Pick and choose. Try out a few things, decide what you want to keep and what works.

Some examples:

++ Weekend treat enjoyment | MINDSET: I have the opportunity to fuel my body appropriately throughout the weekend. Enjoying my treat of choice will NOT ruin progress. When I have my treat, I know it will make me feel ________. I’m going to enjoy it and move on, because I can make the choice to have more, if I feel like I need it.  // ACTION PLAN: On Friday after work, I’m hanging out with my girlfriends and chatting over champagne will not only be fun, but a great way to end a full work week.

++ Workout breaks | MINDSET: My body is incredible. It’s been allowing me to CRUSH my workouts all week. I feel like I might lose my progress if I rest one day, but a super awesome coach reminds me all the time that the magic happens when I rest (cough cough, it’s Burpees for Breakfast). // ACTION PLAN: I’m going to SLEEP IN SATURDAY, make a cup of coffee and go to the farmer’s market, instead of going to the gym. I’ll still get in some good movement by walking – and I’m testing out multiple things at once (sleeping in, slow morning, rest day)

+ Be ready to tweak when necessary | Girl, here’s the thing. Be ready and willing to tweak your plans. Some weekends, I love slow mornings. Other weekends, I wake up ready to work and just go with the flow. Some days I want to enjoy a doughnut AND take a day off from the gym, other days, my body craves movement and veggies.

Part of this whole balance thing is learning to take cues from your body and then giving it what it needs. There will be seasons of life when it needs you to take a break from workouts and eat ALL THE CARBS (this was me earlier this year for a good 3 months).

This is why our versions of balance will never look the same. For some of you, sleep might be top of the priority list, every single season, no matter what. For others, an hour of quality relationship building will be priority. I’ll say it again, find YOUR version and OWN.IT.

5 Tips for Finding YOUR Version of Balance | Burpees for Breakfast

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5 Tips for Finding YOUR Version of Balance | Burpees for Breakfast

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