My response to an article about what your personal trainer really thinks of you. Check out what I actually think about my clients – and what I want them to think about themselves!

What I Actually Think About My Clients | Burpees for Breakfast

What I Actually Think About My Clients

I was getting ready to search for something in Chrome a couple weeks ago, when this article caught my eye. I have the Chrome app on my phone and it brings up stories that I might find interesting. The title of the article is What Your Personal Trainer *Really* Thinks of YouAs a trainer, I was curious.

Take a skim. Makes it seem like we hate our clients unless they are perfect, right? I mean, I get it. I’ve had clients that like to chit chat more than they like to do their workout. I’ve had clients that maybe don’t smell the best. Clients that are a little on the whiney – or more sensitive side. Clients that do set unrealistic expectations.

However, those thoughts do not constantly go through my head when I work with a client. If I take on a client, it’s my job to help them come up with realistic goals, to understand how they operate enough to know when to push them if they are being too sensitive, and to know how to tell that talkative client to get her workout done before telling me the latest gossip.

My clients are important to me. If you are going to trust me with your goals – and your money – I want to make sure I deliver a great program and provide the support my client needs. So, here is what I actually think about my clients – and what I want them to think about themselves.

WHAT IS GOING ON IN YOUR LIFE? \\ Now, I’m not a therapist. I don’t need to know the ins and outs of everything going on in your life, but I am willing to listen. If you have something tough going on in your life, it’s going to show in your workouts. It’s going to show in your progress. If life is stressful, your goals and the workouts we do together might just make things worse. Share as much as you are willing to share, of course, but just know, everything is connected.

STOP TRYING TO IMPRESS ME \\ Girlfriend, if you are working on your nutrition and you’ve been great all week, but this past weekend, you had a couple drinks and a cookie and a doughnut and pizza. Don’t be lying trying to tell me things went well. It’s probably going to affect your workouts a little bit. Listen, I’m not here to judge or make you feel guilty for enjoying treats and weekend experiences. OWN YOUR CHOICE. And let’s move on. And invite me to doughnuts next time, pleaseandthankyou. Also, having the ‘perfect healthy diet’ (doesn’t exist) will not make me like you more or think you are better than other clients.

WHAT IS THE REAL REASON BEHIND YOUR GOALS (AND POTENTIALLY UNREALISTIC EXPECTATIONS)? \\ You want to lose weight. Why? What will happen if you lose weight? What will happen if you don’t? You want to lose that amount in less than a month? Mmmm, I’m not the coach for you. I’ve found that more often than not, after talking with a client about an unrealistic expectation or not-SMART goals, they usually open up a bit more and end up tweaking the goal. Sometimes people just don’t realize how long it takes to make certain things happen. How much dedication and practice it takes. That’s why it’s important to educate, give options and talk through goals.

YOU CAN DO MUCH MORE THAN YOU THINK YOU CAN \\ I can often see the potential in my client before they can. We have trouble realizing our own potential – me included. Plus, sometimes an extra cheer from someone else makes all the difference. When I was in group fitness, one of my favorite things to do was challenge my clients to lift more weight or do just a few more reps of a move or hold for just a couple seconds longer. They gave me the worst looks or groans, but they made it happen. I’d high five them and say ‘I knew you could do it!’. Because I did. This one of my favorite parts of being a coach – finding the potential in each client and then helping them see it.


‘If you were able to believe in Santa Cause for like 8 years, you can believe in yourself for like, 5 minutes.’

THIS! Believe in YO’SELF. This is half the battle, girlfriend. If you believe that you can meet your goals, that you can make shit happen, that you can get it done, YOU WILL. It probably won’t be easy. You will probably fail. You might feel weak. But, if you practice and progress and work hard and believe in yourself, you will reach your goals. It’s my job to help you get there, but YOU have to know you can get there!

In case you didn’t know, I’m back to full-time personal training under Burpees for Breakfast Fitness, LLC. I love helping women move well, get strong and live their best life.

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