Want to level up your workouts, move well throughout the day and relieve pain? You need to add mobility drills into your daily routine! Figure out why in today’s post!

4 Reasons Why You Need Mobility Drills | Burpees for Breakfast

4 Reasons Why You Need Mobility Drills In Your Life

I’m currently sitting on my throne, aka: desk chair, at my desk, writing this post. I’m sitting in the same position I often find myself, no matter how many times I sit down and think: I WILL sit will great posture during the entire sitting session!

My left leg is in half Indian-style and my right leg is bent, foot on the bottom of the chair set. I’m leaning back a little bit, just lounging and typing away while listening to The Holiday Soundtrack.

After a while, I can feel my muscles tense up. I know I need to move, but sometimes it’s so tough when you are in a good work flow. And to be honest, I usually feel more comfortable working, in this position.

If I did not make mobility drills a priority in my life – and let’s be real, some days they last maybe 1 – 2 minutes – I would be in achy pain, all the time. I got too many things to do to be in constant, achy pain.

I’ve always known mobility work was important. When I was first getting into fitness, I did basic static stretching. Then came yoga, then foam rolling. Now, mobility work.

Being able to move your body freely and without restriction is something I want everyone to be able to say they can do! It’s so important. And if you have the time and ability to work on moving your body well, you need to do it!

Incorporating mobility drills into your daily routine is so simple. If you are like me, you can overcomplicate things sometimes. As I learned more about mobility, I felt like I had to include multiple mobility drills for every area of my body. Girlfriend ain’t got time for that!

The reality is, the more you mobilize and more your body on a consistent basis, the less time you will have to spend each day doing it. A few weeks ago, I started the week spending a good 20 minutes just stretching and moving and mobilizing my body. By the end of the week, I spent maybe 5 or so and felt great.

Consistency is the magic sauce – for basically anything, including mobilizing.


If you want to lift heaver, perform exercises better, move well on the gym floor and level up your workouts, you need to mobilize. I worked on my squat depth for a solid 2 weeks – mobility work was a KEY part of my routine. The results were deeper squats and the ability to hold the bottom position for longer.

Consistent practice with mobility drills will take you far, girlfriend.


I was talking to a client on Friday that made mention of her daily mobility drills and warm-up exercises. She said she’s not only able to notice a difference in her workouts with the drills, but also in her daily life! She moves better overall, with incorporating about 15 minutes total of mobility work throughout the day.


Ever had just A WEEK. Like, a crazy, stressful, if-one-more-thing-goes-wrong, I need two pints of ice cream tonight kind of week? Yeah? Ever taken a yoga class and walked about feeling amazingly calm and better, like a literal weight was lifted?

Now, there is mindset work that is done in yoga that helps contribute, but at the same time, you moved your body. You relaxed, stretched, breathed into your stretches. Essentially, you did mobility work.

Stretching. Moving. Breathing. All have the power relieve stress!


That nagging back ache you get after sitting down for an extended period of time. Those rounded shoulders that produce tension due to poor posture. That clear right side dominance when you perform squats or lunges. Those things could be resolved by incorporating mobility work into your routine! If just 10 minutes of movement everyday would take away pain, would you do it!?

If there is one thing you take away from this post, ADD MOBILITY DRILLS TO YOUR DAILY ROUTINE!

4 EVERYDAY MOBILITY DRILLS 4 Reasons Why You Need Mobility Drills | Burpees for Breakfast

I’ve got good news! So many of you have been telling me that you are interested in mobility drills that I created a little newsletter freebie for you with 4 Everyday Mobility Drills, that you can do in 15 minutes or less. That’s 15 minutes if you do all 4 at one time!

All you need to do to get the guide is to sign up for my VIP newsletter! If you are already on the list, I sent out the guide early on Friday (benefit of being on the list)! I’ll also be sending it out again this Friday!

The guide goes through 4 of my favorite mobility drills that you can do everyday. Yes, there are a LOT of other options if you search ‘mobility drills for X’, but these are 4 simple mobility drills you can do everyday to start feeling like your best self!


The guide has a challenge that I’m also going to issue here: pick at least 1 mobility drill to incorporate into your routine everyday for 7 days. Take inventory of how you feel on Day 1 and how (much better) you feel on Day 7!

How was your weekend? I feel like it’s been forever since I asked that question! My bestie came into town and we had a girls weekend filled with fall decor shopping, brunch, Christmas movie watching (I know we are a little early but we do what we want!) and business planning!