This Lower Body AMRAP Workout is a BURNER! Only a few pieces of equipment required for this Badass Fit Society Sneak Peek!

Lower Body AMRAP Workout: Badass Fit Society Sneak Peek

Happy Wednesday!

Coming at you today with a NEW Lower Body AMRAP Workout straight from month 2 of The Badass Fit Society!

The Badass Fit Society is an online monthly wellness program subscription, with a fitness foundation, that helps busy women find consistency and their version of balance when it comes to healthy living.

It’s packed with weekly workouts, nutrition advice and tips, self-care tools, mindset activities and mini challenges. All practical and tangible tools for any busy woman looking to find consistency, without obsessing over calories and cardio.

Every month, you get brand new workouts with a new theme. This is a quick and simple lower body amrap workout that BURNS so good!


  • Mini Band
  • Dumbbells
  • Mat


Set timer for 25 minutes. Complete as many sets of RX reps of each move in allotted time. Rest when needed. // For the OPTIONAL FINISHER: Set timer for 7 minutes. Complete RX reps of each exercise.


All moves that suggest dumbbells can be done with just bodyweight.

Lower Body AMRAP Workout | Online Fitness Coach | Burpees for Breakfast


Monster Walks: Set up in athletic stances: feet at least hip width apart, feet forward, squat position, back flat. You’ll keep the band around your calves, feet a little more than hip width apart. Take a big step forward, pushing out against the band, ensuring knees do not fall in, and follow with the other foot. Feet should remain wide for this drill.

(Deficit) Lunges w/Twist: Stand upright, feet hip width apart, knees loose, pelvis tucked, core braced, shoulders back & down, dumbbell at chest (optional). Step up on to an elevation. Take a step BACK with your right foot, while bending both knees to 90 degrees.

You should FEEL THIS in your heel & glute (of standing leg) and quads. Twist to the side of the leg that is forward. Drive through HEEL of the standing leg to return to starting position.

Hip Bridge: Lay on back, knees bent, both feet, arms down at your side. Press through heels and squeeze glutes and hamstrings as you bring your hips off the ground (maintain a diagonal line, rather than hyperextend back). Hold up to 4 seconds and return to start.

Goblet Squats: Hold 1 heavy dumbbell (or kettlebell) at chest height, shoulders back and down, with pelvis slightly tucked. Spread feet a little wider than hip width apart, toes turned out slightly. Keeping elbows lifted and out, lower down as low as you can into a squat. Elbows should be on the inside of the knees, ever so slightly pressing them out. Drive through heels to stand.

Skaters: Coming into an athletic stance, ball at chest, jump from right to left, ‘rainbowing’ the ball back and forth as you move, landing in heel. Squeeze glutes and inner thighs. Once you get a rhythm down, try to pick up the pace.

Banded Clamshell: With band around your quads, lay on one side, using elbow as a support. Legs should be stacked and knees slightly bent. Lift the top leg up, pressing against the band. Squeeze glute, then return to starting position.

Banded Diagonal Walks: Same placement and set up as lateral walks except after you step forward, your other foot will follow by tapping BEHIND the lead foot.