Get ready for a shoulder and core burn! This Shoulder and Core Strength Workout is great for all fitness levels! Add in the core finisher and you’ve got a killer workout!

Shoulders & Core Strength Workout // Online Personal Trainer // Burpees for Breakfast Fitness

Shoulders & Core Strength Workout w/Core Finisher

It’s FriYAY! We made it to the end of the week! My week was FULL with different events, meetings and emotions. My bestie is coming this weekend and I plan to relax a bit and have lots of chats over coffee and tea!

Also, can you believe I managed 3 blog posts in a week! #success! I wanted to get you more details about The Badass Fit Society and a sneak peek of the workouts. While the program is open all year round, the January round starts on the 14th! If you’ve been considering it, now is the time!

One of the cool features of the program is that you get to choose from 3 different workout tracks. Every month, each track receives 10 – 13 new workouts for the month, with 5 workouts per week, including a mobility flow. Because I love lifting and HIIT workouts, I created a track for each, along with a combo track for those that love both as much as I do.

Monday, you got a peek at a workout for the very first month – Badass Basics. On Wednesday, I shared a sample HIIT workout and today’s Shoulder and Core Strength Workout w/Core Finisher is a sneak peek of a lifting workout.

The HIIT Track has upper body, lower body, full body and core workouts spread out throughout the month. With the lifting track, it’s a pretty standard body part split: leg day (knee dominant), leg day (hip dominant), chest & triceps, back & biceps, and shoulders & core.


  • Cable Machine w/Rope Attachment
  • Dumbbells (2 different weights)
  • Mat


Complete RX reps of each exercise, moving down the list to complete 1 set. Rest 0 – :30s between exercises and up to 1 minute between sets. Complete 3 sets of all moves, using moderate weight.

For the core finisher, complete 10 reps of each move, resting when needed, going slow and focusing on form! Complete 3 – 5 sets.

Shoulders & Core Strength Workout // Online Personal Trainer // Burpees for Breakfast Fitness


  • SEATED SHOULDER PRESS: Sit on the ground, with legs in V position, shoulders back and down, core braced and dumbbells in both hands at your shoulders. Press one dumbbell up at a time, squeeze, then return to start.
  • FACE PULLS: Load the cable machine with desired weight and secure the rope attachment. With each end in one hand, take a couple steps back. With knees slightly bent, butt back and back flat, engage upper back muscles to pull the rope towards your face. As you pull back, lead with the elbows, pull rope apart and squeeze shoulder blades together. Release and repeat.
  • HAMMER GRIP FRONT RAISES: Stand upright, shoulders back and down, pelvis slightly tucked, core braced, dumbbells are your sides. With arm straight, save for a slight bend in the elbow, palms facing each other, raise arms up, until nearly parallel to the ground.
  • UPRIGHT ROW: Stand upright, shoulders back and down, pelvis slightly tucked, core braced, arms in front of you with palms facing you. Row or ‘zip’ weights up, sticking elbows out, to about chest height. Release. Make sure shoulders stay back and and down.
  • BENCH SUPPORTED HAMMER GRIP Y’S: Stand upright, shoulders back and down, pelvis slightly tucked, core braced, dumbbell in one hand, palm facing inward. Hinge at the hip and place other hand on bench for support. Bring dumbbell up to nearly parallel the ground, thumb pointed up. If looking overhead, your arm should should like one side of the letter Y.
  • BIRD DOG: Assume tabletop position (wrists under shoulders, fingers spread wide – gripping mat, knees under hips). Curl toes under for extra support. Press down through ball of LEFT foot and into the RIGHT hand, while pressing out the left arm and right leg. Maintain a neutral spine here, not letting the hips shift, BRACING THE CORE, while maintaining a straight line from fingertips to toes. Hold a few seconds, then return to start.
  • DEADBUG: Lay on ground with knees at 90 degrees, neck neutral, arms at your side. Tuck pelvis, engage core muscles and press ribs down as you exhale, to allow entire back to touch the ground. Lift legs so there is a 90 degree angle at the hip and knees. Lift head, keeping chin tucked, so shoulders are touching the ground. Arms should be straight up. Very slowly, lower opposite arm and leg to just hover over the ground, exhaling on the way down. Return to starting position and repeat.

NOTE: The video above is just for the core finisher and contains a 4th move – stability ball pass thru. Feel free to add that move to your core circuit!

The other cool thing about The Badass Fit Society is that I do the same kind of workouts, all the time. I tested and tweaked this workouts. I updated some previous group fitness class workouts. All the workouts are ones that I do as well!

Sarah was one beta tester that LOVED the lifting track! She said:

​​​​​​​I wanted a program that was going to give me a chance to really focus on a full body lift of heavy weight. I have noticed such a difference in my strength. I was skeptical early on but committed to doing the exercises that were assigned, in the order that they were assigned.I was shocked by the results.I was able to lift more and do weight I had struggled with in the past. I am seeing the start of some definition in my arms which I am thrilled about. 

I went to the gym knowing what I was going to do once I got there and it forced my to stay accountable and consistent with my progress.
I would recommend this to anyone who is feeling stagnant in there workouts or looking for a place to start. It helps you go into the workout feeling confident because you have a guide and a community that right beside you pushing you along.

If you are ready for a program that will help you reach your goals, with the support of a coach and community, and get you results, it’s time to sign up for The Badass Fit Society!

Today is another FULL day! Morning clients, all day marketing event and an appointment to get my nails done! Even though Mr. Burpee and I both worked from home all week, between work and our different commitments, we’ve barely spent any quality time together – something we plan on doing tonight, since it’s also DATE NIGHT!