30 Day Healthy Living and Beyond Challenge


I am no longer an Arbonne Consultant. You can review this post to learn more about the challenge, but you cannot purchase through me. 

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We are faced with choices each and every day. What to eat for breakfast (it’s usually eggs for me), what to wear (sometimes it’s pajamas), what to send the kids to school with for lunch (I don’t have any, but I assume I’d have to decide, if I had kids), which road to take to avoid traffic, should I go to bed or stay awake and keep watching Psych?!

So many decisions. One of the most important decisions we make every day is the decision of what foods to put in our body to give us energy, fuel and make us happy.

For alot of people, foods that are quick and easy are on their list. Foods that might taste good, but don’t have any nutritional value (yes, even I love doughnuts). Foods that are laden with pesticides and harmful chemicals or hormones.

The thing is that we have been eating this way for so long, that it might seem like a hard choice, or even impossible for some, to eat a different way. Maybe you can’t imagine the thought of prepping your meals or you just don’t know where to start. The good news is that eating healthy, whole, nutrient dense foods can be easy AND fun.

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If you have been wanting to jump start your life and get on the journey to healthy living, the 30 Day Healthy Living and Beyond Detox from Arbonne is just what you need.

Arbonne 30 Day Healthy Living Challenge


If you know my story,  you know that I spent years indulging in ice cream, pizza, and other such treats, but with it brought major stomach issues. In the fall of 2012, I came back home to Indiana from living in Boston to seek medical care because it was so bad. I was taking medication every 4 hours for my stomach, along with a host of other pills, and I was STILL in pain. It wasn’t until I found out I had food sensitivities and went on a 6 month long elimination diet, that I finally found relief. I realized how big of a role the food we eat plays into our well being! Since then, I’ve cut out gluten, dairy, soy, and limited processed foods – and I’ve never felt better! And the best part – no medications!

I found Arbonne through my high school mentor and friend, Danyele. After hearing her results and about the quality of the products Arbonne sells, I knew I had to get involved. Here’s a snippet of her story:

In October of 2014, my trainer introduced me to a new protein with Arbonne. I had been doing protein shakes for the last 4-5 years with primarily Shakeology…I had consistently been plateau of 170-175 lbs. and I could never get over the hump and lose my belly fat.

I started with the 30 days to healthy living commitment with Arbonne in October of 2014. My whole goal was to get some bad habits out of my routine with Diet drinks, sugar, and overall eating habit changes.

Over the 30 days, I did achieve 2.5% fat reduction and 15 inches. I have adapted a life style of gluten-free, dairy free and artificial sweetener free…no diet pop, no candies, and only a touch of sugar when it’s needed for coffee.

Even up to six months after Danyele completed the detox, she continued living healthy. She still drinks the Arbonne shakes (with fiber, greens, and the digestion aid!), doesn’t eat dairy or gluten, and her family of 6 has even started eating organic and gluten/dairy free!

* Note: The Arbonne 30 Day Healthy Living and Beyond Challenge is not marketed as a weight loss program. Due to the nature of the challenge, weight loss might be a side effect, but it is not something participants should expect AND participants should not do the challenge with the sole purpose of losing weight. Participants will eat real, whole, nutrient dense foods every single day and learn valuable skills for building a healthier relationship with food and starting a healthy living journey.

IT’S MORE THAN A DETOX. Arbonne 30 Day Healthy Living Challenge

I really don’t like to call this a detox. It’s more of a jump start to living a healthy life. Yes, it’s a challenge to cut out gluten, dairy, sugar, soy and processed foods for 30 days. And yes, your body will ‘detox’. But you will also be set up for success in those 30 days.

Unlike other detox programs I’ve heard about, this one helps you make smart eating choices that become second nature! I know from experience that after you’ve cut out sugar for 30 days, trying to eat a big bowl of ice cream or cookies as soon as you are ‘allowed’ only causes pain! 

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Plus, unlike other detox programs, there is never a point in time when you only are consuming a shake or flavored water. You will start your day with a protein shake, have a solid lunch and dinner, made with whole, nutrient dense, organic foods, and enjoy a cup of detox tea or fizz (energy boost) during the day. Simple as that!


Anyone that is ready to start the journey to healthy living. This is more than just a detox. It is the start of a lifestyle change!

Maybe you don’t want to lose weight. Maybe you are stuck on the sugar train and you need get off. Maybe you’ve been having tummy troubles and suspect gluten or dairy is the culprit. Maybe you are like me – you eat healthy, indulge in the occasional handful of M&M’s, and you just need a reset.

Whatever your story is (I’d LOVE to hear it!!), we can all use a little accountability and encouragement when we decide to jump start a healthy lifestyle! This where the fun begins!

It would be an honor to do this detox with you, or encourage you through it! Luckily, there are Challenge groups running every 2 weeks and you have the opportunity to join in the fun!



The Arbonne 30 Day Challenge focuses on nourishing and fueling the body with whole, nutrient dense foods. Foods like:

  • colorful and cruciferous vegetables
  • dark leafy greens
  • legumes
  • berries and citrus fruits
  • vegan proteins
  • non-dairy milks
  • healthy fats
  • lean organic proteins

Some of my personal favorite foods include: zucchini, beets, sweet potatoes, plantains, brown rice, eggs, canned salmon and sardines (yes, sardines), mixed berry smoothies, white beans and pinto beans, unsweetened almond milk, chia seeds, coconut oil, chicken, and more!

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One of the big questions on any detox or health challenge is ‘What do I have to cut out?’ The big inflammatory culprits: gluten, dairy, soy, processed foods, MSG, and SUGAR! The first week will probably be tough to cut out all those foods, but if you focus on the foods you can eat – see the sampling above?! – you won’t even notice the lack of gluten, dairy and sugar!
avoid food list arbonne 30 day challenge

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The recommendation is to start the day with a nutrient rich smoothie, followed by a snack, if desired, lunch and dinner, with a snack between lunch/dinner or after. Another option includes a nutrient rich smoothie for breakfast and for lunch, then dinner, with snacks included. Please listen to your body. Some participants might not be able to handle 2 smoothies per day. Also, others might need a solid breakfast and then a smoothie for lunch. Feel free to tweak the meal suggestions based on your individual body and energy levels.

Here are some healthy breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack ideas!

WHAT IS INCLUDED IN THE SET? Arbonne 30 Day Healthy Living Challenge

30 DAYS HEALTHY LIVING AND BEYOND SET from Arbonne includes:

  • 2 -2lb bags of Protein Shake Mix (chocolate and vanilla)
  • 1 -1lb bag Daily Fiber Booster
  • 2 boxes of Energy Fizz Sticks (citrus and pomegranate)
  • 1 carton Digestion Plus (3- stick packs)
  • 1 – 7-Day Body Cleanse
  • 2 boxes of Daily Detox Tea (20 bags each)
  • Support Guide


DISCLAIMER: I am an Arbonne Independent Consultant. I am a nutrition coach, certified personal trainer, and group fitness instructor. I am not a licensed medical doctor, nutritionist, or dietician. The detox is merely a suggestion and is not intended as a substitute for medication or medical care. Please consult with your doctor before beginning this program, especially if taking prescription medication.