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ITBF is not your average link up!

Inspired To Be Fit (#ITBF) is not only a fun way to share your posts and make new friends! It’s also a resource for at least 8 kick-butt workouts a month! Wait there’s more, you’re also getting a fitness education component. Not sure if you are performing you squat correctly? Curious how to progress a specific exercise? Unsure of how many reps to do to build muscle? ITBF is your go-to resource. As certified personal trainers, Jen and Jill provide a challenging and effective workout each week, along with tools, tips, tricks and resources to help you make the most of your workout program. Each month will focus on a different aspect of fitness, which will be the theme of the month.

What can you expect to find each week?

WEEK 1: Learn & Burn: Fitness professionals providing education (LEARN) on a specific fitness topic and the first of 4 workouts (BURN) of the month.

WEEK 2: Another brand new, custom workout!

WEEK 3: Taking your workouts to the next level: As you get stronger (yes, you will get stronger) you’re going to want to progress and modify your workouts to continue to see progress and get the most out of How can you progress and modify as you get stronger to get the most out of each movement and workout. Plus, the third workout will be delivered.

WEEK 4: FREE WEEK and the fourth workout!

inspired_to_be_fitHOW THE LINK-UP WORKS: 

Every Monday share your ALL-THINGS-FITNESS related posts, including inspiration, motivation and workouts. All you will need is your post’s URL and InLinkz will do the rest. The link-up will stay open from Monday to Saturday!

As a bonus, Jen and I challenge YOU to complete BOTH of our workouts during the week. Before, during or after the workout, snap a photo, share it on Instagram, tagging @jillconyers and @burpeesforbreakfast us and using hashtag #itbf! We have a few rules, but not too many.


  • Posts that aren’t related to a FITNESS theme will be deleted.
  • We reserve the right to delete any links that are deemed to be inappropriate in any way.
  • In your post, please mention that you’re participating in Inspired To Be Fit link-up, and link back to jillconyers.com.
  • PLEASE DO NOT LINK DROP. Stick around and take a little time to visit the other blogs and comment. We’re here to support and encourage each other!! The more interaction means more participants. More participants means more friends to introduce your blog to! It’s a win-win for everyone!

Using a combination of the workouts provided, we’re making it easy for you to create a weekly workout plan! You bring the commitment and determination to making fitness a priority and we’ll bring you the tools, information and workouts you need!

We have also created a group ITBF Pinterest board! If you would like to start pinning on the ITBF board, follow the board and send an email to jillconyers@gmail.com with your Pinterest username.

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Do you have any specific fitness topics or questions you would like to see us include? Leave a comment below or email Jen at jen.lauren.elliott@gmail.

Are you ready to get Inspired To Be Fit!?