Ditch the Diet & Find Food Freedom with Intuitive Eating!
Does constant yo-yo dieting have you feeling deprived and hungry, all the time?
Are you caught in the cycle of 'good & healthy during the week' and 'cheat foods' on the weekends?
Maybe you have food labels - doughnuts = bad; broccoli = good? Does eating a 'bad' food make you feel guilty or shameful?
Ever think that you if you let yourself have a doughnut, that you'll end up eating ALL THE DOUGHNUTS!?
What if there was a better way!?
What if you could:
  • eat the foods you enjoy without feeling deprived or out of control
  • learn how to nourish your body with real food
  • establish a healthy relationship with you food
  • never feel like you need to do another diet again, ever!
Join the FREE 2 Week Intuitive Eating Virtual Workshop!
Intuitive Eating is a nutritional philosophy that helps you ditch the diet mentality, honor your hunger, establish a healthy relationship with food and learn to respect your body.
Over the two weeks, I'll be
  • introducing all 10 of the Intuitive Eating principles
  • providing practical examples of how to implement them in your own life
  • diving deeper via live video on the Burpees for Breakfast Facebook page
Participants will receive a daily worksheet with questions and activities!
Emails will be delivered daily.  You'll have limetime access to this content, if you want to complete the workshop at a later date.
If you are sick of dieting, ready to breakup with the scale and want to live in food freedom, sign up for the workshop and learn how you can with Intuitive Eating!
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