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Ready to ditch the diet and find food freedom?

Girlfriend, do you feel like you are never satisfied with your body and are constantly at war with your food choices?

Maybe you struggle with Ruined Day Mentality? The day starts off great, you are fueling with nutrient dense foods, but then Patrice brings in doughnuts and one turns into two and soon you are sitting under your desk, eating the entire box! #DamnItPatrice!

Do your foods have labels? Like, doughnuts are bad. Kale is good. Ice cream is bad. Grilled chicken breast is good. Do you avoid the bad foods and only focus on the good?

Or perhaps you only eat the ‘bad’ foods on a cheat day? And because you don’t allow yourself to have them during the week, you often go ham on the weekends, leaving you feeling guilty and shameful for overindulging and then you decide that since you’ve eaten so much already, why not more and you find yourself laying on the couch, surrounded by all the foods!

Or maybe you are #TeamTryANewDietEachWeek always looking for the next best thing to help you get you dream bod.  Problem is, you never get that dream bod or when you get close, it all goes to shit and you are left trying a new diet, again!

Girlfriend, I’ve been there. I understand.

But, there is a better way!

What if you could:

  • eat the foods you enjoy without feeling deprived or out of control
  • learn how to nourish your body with real food
  • establish a healthy relationship with you food AND YOUR BODY
  • never feel like you need to do another diet again, ever!

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I cannot say enough good things about Jen. She is thoughtful, honest, open and real. The first course I did was her Intuitive Eating online course and it changed the way I look at food, exercise and my body. Since then, I have done online workout programs and in person workouts. Her knowledge, energy and commitment to women’s health continues to amaze me.

 – Heather Abel-O’neill

I believe in fueling your body with real, whole, nutrient dense foods. I believe in understanding yourself and how your body works. I believe in loving your body. I believe in consistency over perfection. I believe in owning your choices and making smart ones. I believe mindset and healthy eating go hand in hand. I believe in eating the damn doughnut, if you want the doughnut.

Intuitive Eating Principles are the foundation of my online nutrition coaching program. Every client will work through mindset shift, behavior goals and more.



  • Customized nutrition plan, incorporating Intuitive Eating principles
  • Assessments
  • Goal Setting
  • Weekly Coaching calls
  • Access to me for questions

If you are ready to ditch the diet, get rid of the food labels, stop feeling guilty about eating treats and ditch the diets for good, let’s chat! RIGHT NOW!

Let’s Schedule a 20 Minute Discovery Call!

Disclaimer: I am a NASM Corrective Exercise Specialist, Certified Personal Trainer, AAFA Group Fitness Instructor and PN1 Sports and Exercise Nutrition Coach. I stand behind all workouts, recipes and nutrition information provided. The information given are guidelines to assist in weight loss and overall health and wellness. I am not a licensed dietician or physician. Please consult with your practitioner before beginning any nutrition or fitness program. The information provided is in no way meant to replace professional medial advice, diagnosis or treatment. Just because I was able to cut back on medication by changing up my eating habits does not mean the same will be true for you.