Girlfriend, are you ready to finally nail a beautiful push-up ON YOUR TOES?! 
Stop defaulting to push-ups on your knees with incorrect form and become a CONFIDENT push-up Boss!
Having struggled for years with my own push-ups, I put together this challenge with all the steps I took to perfect my form and progress my push-ups - and now I'm sharing everything with you! 
Get in on the FREE 10 DAY Pretty Push-up Challenge!
Challenge Dates: October 22 - October 31
What to expect:
  • Learn proper push-up form
  • Identify weak spots & areas for improvement
  • Incorporate accessory exercises daily to increase strength
  • Create a plan for progressing your push-ups starting with 10 push-ups a day
  • Start your journey to become a Push-up BOSS
What's included?
  • Demonstration videos
  • Accessory exercise videos
  • 3 Exclusive Workouts
  • Emails with my BEST tips
  • Access to The Burpees for Breakfast Squad
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