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I would definitely recommend using Burpees for Breakfast if you want some help meeting your fitness and nutrition goals. Jen’s workouts were filled with a variety of moves, which will help spice up my work outs in the future. She was always approachable and willing to give extra attention to a certain move if needed. Her regular nutrition and exercise tips were helpful and not overwhelming. – Georgiann H.

Jen’s virtual bootcamp exceeded my expectations. I knew that I would be getting workouts, but she went above and beyond in trying to create an environment where we could all communicate and support each other and get added tips and tricks. It’s obvious that she has a passion for helping people live healthy balanced lives and wants them to achieve overall health and wellness. I highly recommend working with her! – Sam H.

I’ve lifted and ran lots of miles off and on for about 8 years. I hit a lull and found Jen during a boot camp class. Signed up to have her train me and she listened to my goals, put a plan together, and I’m now excited again to see what new muscles will get worked. It’s been surprising how good I feel and how many muscles I’ve actually never taxed in all those years. Thank you Jen. – Brad H

Jen does an awesome job at giving you the tools you need to eat healthier. She is real – meaning she likes chocolate just as much as the rest of us! With that she doesn’t try to cut everything you enjoy eating out of your life. She does teach you how to have smaller portions of it and make healthier choices overall so when you have those splurges you can truly enjoy them. Jen is always available for questions and tries to meet you where you are so that you are set up for success!  – Michelle A.

I have been taking classes taught by Jen for about 6 months, and I love them!  I even plan my work day and social life around the classes now.  I take boot camp, body works (weights plus cardio), and will start a spinning class with her as well. The classes are enjoyable, and the workouts are always changing which makes the classes go by fast.  Jen utilizes the team approach in some of her workouts which helps build camaraderie and creates an encouraging environment.  Jen stands out in 2 areas.  The first is she focuses on correct form while performing exercises.  She emphasizes the importance of correct form to get the most out of the exercise without compromising your body, and works one on one with you until you get it.  The second is she pushes you to get uncomfortable so that your body can change and you can progress.  I have never been able to do a pushup not on my knees, whether it was because I didn’t try or wasn’t pushed.  I now am able to and am slowly increasing my reps.  Since I have started taking Jen’s classes I have become more tone, increased my endurance, and can truly say I have fun working out!  Thank you Jen! – Kalpana L.

Jen is a great trainer and she really takes time to help you with your own goals. Each week she helped me to stay motivated and on track. – Alyssa K.

I have been taking classes from Jen for several months now. I agent I say I was nervous in the beginning to start a work out class that was strength based– now I don’t know what I would do without Jen and her ideas! Jen has really taught me the importance of training your muscles. Before her classes, I always did push ups on my knee, thinking I could never build the strength to do a real one. Now I have worked up strength to do several in a row! Jen is so fun to learn from, she always gives personal feedback so you know exactly what to do. She is always encouraging myself and her classes to keep pushing and reminding us that we are strong enough to do whatever we want! I have learned so much about myself and my strength through Jen’s encouragement! I would have never found my strength without her classes and motivation! – Sarah R.